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Framed Fairy Art for Kids

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3 Items
Framed Magical Journey
Magical Journey
by Marjorie Sarnat
19" x 23" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $194.99 
Framed Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy
by Lucia Heffernan
25" x 25" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $259.99 
Framed My Fairy by Lewis Carroll - horizontal
My Fairy by Lewis Carroll - horizontal
21" x 17" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $177.99 
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3 Items

Framed Kids Fairy Art

Fairies have been a popular subject in various European mythologies for centuries and they were depicted differently by various civilizations. Traditionally regarded as dangerous creatures characterized by mischief, they enjoy a more positive image today and the framed Fairy Art for Kids at framedArt.com paints such a picture. Back in the day, people were overly concerned about how to protect themselves and their young from fairies, but today the images are an excellent choice for aspiring decorators.
The framed fairy posters for kids don’t have any of the qualities that were initially associated to fairies, although they are depicted in a similar manner. Tall and radiant creatures, fairies are supposed to avoid any form of interaction with humans and spend all the time in hiding. In legends, they only came out when they had to fulfill a plan which was usually not in the best interest of humans, hence the concern for protection from their malice.

Television has radically changed the image of fairies and they are now depicted as young and winged creatures that are benevolent towards humans in general and children in particular. This is also the message projected by the framed fairy art for kids which celebrate the mythical creatures for their playful nature. The choice for colors is not surprisingly revolving around bright hues and the fairies seem to be always on the move or engaged in some form of dance.
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Framed Over the Rainbow
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