Halloween Art That Isn’t Really Halloween Art

Holiday decor always presents a unique challenge. How do you decorate for a holiday in a way that you don’t have to re-decorate the morning after? Holloween art can be especially tricky, since the art of the holiday is often so on-the-nose. But rather than hanging framed photos of haunted houses and skeletons, there’s a more subtle way to decorate for Halloween. Here are some great framed art pieces that you can leave up all year round.

halloween art

Not-Really Halloween Art with Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’ is about as creepy as stories get. Poe encompasses all that is spooky and daunting about the Halloween holiday without ever mentioning Halloween. That’s why the illustration from Poe’s 1875 story (set as the featured image) is the perfect piece of framed Halloween art. With a black and white color scheme, illustrations fit in with a variety of palettes.

Poe and his raven are often the subjects of art pieces, because of the mystery and intrigue surrounding the pair. These pieces are loved by older kids (who are harder to scare), and anyone who is interested in historical literature. 

Birds Are Not Bats… But…

It’s definitely true. Birds are not bats. But the image of birds, similar to Poe’s Raven, conjures up a certain spooky feeling. This is especially true of black and white bird silhouettes. It may be because the bird and the bat have a similar profile. It could also be because there is a certain horror movie featuring birds…  It’s hard to say. All we know for sure is that bird art is a great alternative to full-on Halloween art.

halloween art

If you find the perfect pick, this theory works with feathers, too!

halloween art

Unintentional Halloween Art by Francisco De Goya

We’ve never met Francisco De Goya in person, but we’re willing to bet that Halloween was his favorite holiday. Some of De Goya’s paintings are simply unintentionally creepy. Was he trying to give off such a spooky vibe? It’s hard to say. But all we know is that decorating with De Goya is pretty much the same thing as decorating for Halloween. With Francisco, you can showcase a famous artist and feel holiday-festive at the same time!

halloween art

This piece of “Two Old Men Eating” definitely fits the bill, but if you wanted to go even further, De Goya actually created a piece called “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” (shown below.) It makes us worry about what De Goya’s dreams were like…

halloween art


Halloween is one of those holidays that makes you want to decorate But why not find art that you can leave up a little bit longer? Francisco De Goya, Edgar Allen Poe, and birds everywhere are here for you! Browse all over the FramedArt.com gallery, and don’t be afraid to branch out from the Halloween Art category!