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Jackson Pollock Art

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Jackson Pollock (January 28, 1912 - August 11, 1956) was an artist who was born in Wyoming. He enrolled at the Los Angeles' Manual Arts High School while he was living in Echo Park, California. Pollock was however expelled from the school before he completed his studies. He would later follow his brother to New York where he studied at the Art Students League. After completing the training, he worked with the WPA Federal Art Project from 1938 to 1942. The project was started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to rejuvenate the economy during the Depression era. While there, Pollock was quite busy, creating several artwork pieces together with other artists. However, even with his busy lifestyle, he couldn’t help stop drinking. He created several art pieces using the abstract style in a manner that greatly influenced modern art. Although Pollock started out using traditional style approaches, he later switched to abstraction expressionism, creating them using a technique that involved splattering paint and related media onto his canvas. When in 1939 he discovered Pablo Picasso's show that was hosted at the Museum of Modern Art, he got really interested and was inspired into pushing his artistry to the next level. In 1946, he transformed his barn into a private studio and used it as his art making base. It’s in that studio where he developed his famous "drip" technique that involved dripping paint from his tools with his canvases on the floor. Pollock’s "drip period" saw him create quite famous art pieces and would gain his popularity after he appeared in Life Magazine in 1949. The magazine feature gave him great things, but also earned him resentment from his friends. At the same time, he also became dismissive of other artists, including those who inspired his career. His artwork “The Deep and Number 4, 1950” is considered one of his greatest works. Framed Jackson Pollock art have been sold to art lovers who want ready to hang art.
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