Still Life Art That Will Move You

It’s called still life art… but there’s more under the surface than you may think! People love still life art because of the depth and maturity its presence brings to any room. In this post, we’ll explore pieces on all sides of the spectrum of still life art, and talk about the artistic methods that bring these prints to life.

still life art

The Art of Still Life

Still life art is defined by pieces that depict objects at rest. Most people think of baskets of fruit or vases of flowers when they consider the art of still life. But the genre isn’t limited to what you may find on an elderly women’s kitchen countertop. There are so many different subjects and mediums used within still life art.

Consider Andy Warhol’s famous pop art: the can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Sure, it may be a common staple in pantries and school lunches. But Warhol opened up the can of soup, so to speak, when he made it the sole object of our attention.

Good still life gives us a new perspective on ordinary things. In the case of the soup can, viewing the image of Campbell’s Tomato soup alone, unaccompanied by other cans or pantry items or kitchen knick-knacks, enables us to see a simple soup can in another way. By varying the color and feel of a single image, Andy Warhol captured more than just a canned good–he illuminated a new meaning and a new feeling to an ordinary object.

Single, still images can become emotional, almost sentient, and larger than life in still life art.

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How and Where to Hang Still Life Art

Though still life pieces are magic just in and of themselves, where you hang them matters. Many people find the perfect piece that they have a connection with, but it sits on the floor, leaning up against a wall, with no surface to call home.

When considering where to hang still art, there are a few important questions to ask:

How Big Is It?  The size of the art piece and frame may vary greatly from print to print. Consider the size of your piece, and look for a wall that it can fill, but not overpower.

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What’s the Subject? Some artistic subjects just make sense in certain rooms. For example, if the piece contains food, the kitchen or dining room may be a logical place to hang. If furniture takes center stage, try a sitting or living room. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it can be helpful.

What are the Colors? What are the prominent colors featured in the art? Is there a room that these colors could compliment? Try to match a color palette closely but not precisely to give a room more character

How Does it Make Me Feel? Most still art has an emotional aspect, even if the feeling varies from viewer to viewer. Make sure that if you want to hang your art in an entryway or family living space, the mood isn’t too somber.

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Still life art illuminates the things around us in unique, unexpected ways. Browse the site for more art, and consider how art can make your home feel larger than life!