Panoramic Art Every Way from Entryway to Hallway

Panoramic art broadens our perspective. There’s something illuminating about framed art bringing us beyond the typical barriers of a frame. Panoramic art often features landscapes or city skylines, but the scope of subjects stretches far beyond that. In this post, we’ll showcase our favorite panoramic art. We’ll also talk about the perfect place to hang these oversized masterpieces, from entryway to hallway and so much more.

panoramic art

Panoramic Art in Black and White

The featured image in this post is a great example of the drama and contrast you can achieve when panoramic art teams up with black and white photography. Photography naturally lends itself to the panoramic format. Our view of the world isn’t limited to the confines of an 8 x 10 frame! We can see 360 degrees if we only take the time to turn our heads. Panoramic art extends our view, and though it would be a wonder if we could encompass the entire world around us, we only have so much room on our walls!

The perfect place to hang panoramic black and white photographs? Somewhere they will be seen, of course! High traffic areas with extended wall space tend to lend themselves well, naturally. It can be difficult to know how to decorate a hallway. Panoramic art is perfect, because you can take care of the entire space with just one piece! No need to worry about matching multiple works of art. We love this image of Route 66, because it provides the best of both worlds! You get a close-up view of a nostalgic vintage car, as well as a refreshing look at the Arizona landscape!

panoramic art

Panoramic Art, Up Close

We got a taste of the zoomed-in panoramic feel with the vintage car above. But panoramic art can take us even closer. The example below is of a Southern Stingray in the Grand Cayman Islands. We love that the wide angle of this photograph makes us feel like we’re actually snorkeling! That’s the magic of oversized images! They really give us the opportunity to soak in the subject, as well as its surrounding environment.

This stingray could open up a room that otherwise feels more closed and claustrophobic! Think of it as a less-wet, lower-maintenance aquarium you can hang on your wall! No need to feed this fish, just feel free to feast your own eyes!

panoramic art

Cathedral Ceilings? Perfect!

Though we normally think of panoramic art as horizontally stretched, it can rock the vertical look, too! This is perfect for rooms with vaulted ceilings that simply can’t be satisfied with a single, typical art piece. This Waterfall in a Forest from Columbia River Gorge is such a good example. When else can you capture a full waterfall from top to bottom, unless you’re actually there? We love how this piece takes the elongated structure to its fullest potential.

High ceilings provide one opportunity to hang artwork of epic waterfall proportions, but that’s not the only place you could display this piece. Floor-to-ceiling artwork is growing in popularity. Think of it as similarly appealing as the floor-to-ceiling windows of a highrise apartment, but with a view you can control! This piece in a home office could give your eyes a vacation from work, anytime.

panoramic art


There’s so much more panoramic art to choose from! Check out our entire gallery, and we know you’ll find something that strikes you with awe and wonder. We’ll leave you with just one more of our favorite images. This one is from Grand Cayman, too, but this time we get a different perspective of the water. We love the bright blue hues of this beachside scene. In fact, you might find this one in the entryway someday. What could be more inviting?

panoramic art