Americana Decor: Incorporating Framed Art into a Historical Home Design

There is probably no home decor style more historical and patriotic than Americana. But Americana decor isn’t just about flags and mixing up a bunch of red, white, and blue. It is a timeless celebration of our traditions and geography. In fact, it never goes out of style because it is rooted in our culture and history. It is also about family, patriotism, values, as well as diversity. 

From farmhouses to cowboys to Native Americans, Americana decor will allow you to display pride in the past, no matter what your history is. Other types of Americana might be nautical, primitive, or even the classic, fun styles of the 1950s.

A home decorated with the American flag, showing a concept of incorporating Americana decor.

How Do I Incorporate Americana Decor?

Since this design element is casual and seemingly effortless, the design lines may be a little fuzzy. There are no hard and fast rules, but there are ways to add more Americana flare to your home decor. Using subtlety in your decorating will allow pieces to be moved from room to room if you want a little change.

1. Accents of Red, White, and Blue

  • You do not have to drape your windows and walls in flags to create Americana style. However, a splash of one or more of these colors will help to move in that direction. Consider painting one wall barn red or navy and display some beautiful framed art such as Pride by Tom Mielko as the focal point.
  • Barn Stars are historic and on-trend. Choose a framed barn star to complement and simplify your decor.

     framed barn star wall art

    Barn Star by Jean Plout

2. Mix it Up

  • Carefully choose some Americana art to display with family antiques or heirlooms. Even if they are from different periods, the historical theme will be prevalent.  
  • Add old maps, books, as well as vintage objects to shelves and tables to add a touch of history. Don’t have the real thing? Use a framed map such as this vintage map of New York to get the same effect.

    Framed vintage map of new york

    Vintage Map of New York by Vision Studio

3. Use Vintage Advertising

  • Advertising posters are great additions to your Americana decor. We like Coca-Cola posters because of the theme and the colors.  
  • If your Americana theme runs Western, how about a whimsical ad for Jackson Hole, Wyoming? This would easily pair with any other red, white, and blue decor pieces.

4. Consider Americana Symbols

Where are the Best Places for Americana Art?

Americana design transports us to a nostalgic time when the love of country and pride of heritage were very important. You can incorporate this design into every room of your home. It’s easy to find framed Americana art for the home office, living room, and bedroom. So we are offering a few suggestions for the other rooms in your home to help get you started.

framed americana wall art

Sweet Land of Liberty by Lori Deiter

  • Kitchen: Americana art for your kitchen is easy! We suggest Berries and Cream by Maureen McCarthy.  It combines fresh-picked produce with an American flag for the perfect pairing.
  • Kids’ Room: Your little cowpoke will love Ride em Cowboy by Serena Bowman. Accent his room with shades of blue for a true Americana look.
  • Bathroom: Country Bath Wreath by Linda Spivey is perfect.  Try some dusty red towels for a complete Americana style.
  • Laundry Room: You can’t get much more Americana than Laundry by Marnie Bourque. An old tractor, a farmhouse, and laundry hanging on the line make this the perfect piece.

Still need ideas? Check out these other design ideas to create an Americana style for your home. Browse our huge selection of framed wall art to find the pieces that are right for your home.