Finding Art for Small Spaces: Maximizing Your Space with Art

Just because you live in a small apartment, have a small office, or have one or more small rooms where you live, you do not have to sacrifice displaying art in these spaces. Art not only displays what you like, but it also shows who you are.  It can create drama. Contrasting or complementing your decorating style and can even create an illusion of a larger space. Make decorating with art for small spaces easy! Here’s a list of tips we’ve put together to help you start.

Decorating Small Spaces with Art

Think Big

Just because you have small spaces at home, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the size of your wall art. A large piece of art placed strategically on your wall provides a focal point and creates a bit of drama. It can even make the entire room feel larger. Even a small laundry room could benefit from a large framed print hung above your appliances or folding table.  

Good Housekeeping VII adds whimsy to the room and may even make doing laundry feel more joyful!

Good Housekeeping VII by Vintage Apple Collection

Look Up

Your space may be small, but try utilizing the vertical space of the walls. Art does not always need to be hung at eye level. Create a vertical gallery wall. So your eye is drawn up, tricking you into a feeling of additional space. Mix up the sizes of the pieces, so you are looking in several places. Just like you might do in a much larger gallery wall. Group them by style, color, or subject for a dramatic impact. Maybe try something from our sepia photography section to bring a historical feel to a small room while maintaining the same tone. 

Take My Lead I by Ily Szilagyi

Look Out

Hanging a landscape art piece in the center of a small space could mimic a window. If you are particularly taken with vacations on the beach, try one of our seascapes. Just be sure to place it at a position where you might find a window. Or do you dream of a more rustic getaway? Cabin in the Woods gives you the illusion of looking out your window to the rustic setting you crave, all while making your small space appear larger.

Meadow Rd. to Pourville by Claude Monet

Get Creative

Some small rooms lack wall space for hanging art. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. Get creative. Prop art on shelves, hang prints on doors, use floor easels for display. Framed art can lean on a mantle, adorn a desk, or be hung above doors, appliances, and furniture. Group smaller prints, such as Calling Deer, Calling Bear, and Calling Elk on various shelves in an office to show your passion for wildlife.  

Make a Statement

Even in a small space, you can make a statement. If you want the world to know you love to dance, fish, or are a big fan of concerts, use your small space to make a big statement. Regardless of your hobby, vocation, or passion, we have the art to make a statement in a variety of sizes to fit your space.

T.G.I.F. by Monica Stewart

A Final Word…

Displaying art in a small area is a great way to personalize your space. The art that you hang on your walls, set on your shelves, and display for your friends, family, and peers to see is a reflection of you. You do not have to sacrifice the art you love just because you are restricted in space. Shop our huge selection of framed art to find the style that best fits your lifestyle, in the size, style, and color you want.