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Make a BOLD statement with framed art!

          When you're on the job, it's important to show that you are confident and bold. Decorating your office the same way can help give you that confident and bold look. There are different types of artwork you can use to do so. Find framed art that will make your office decor bold and unique. There are many different types of art that can create this bold look. The most popular types include black and white art, abstract art, and oversized art. Making a bold statement in office decor is generally more popular in bigger office spaces rather than smaller office spaces. You can also do things with art like hang a series of related art to really draw eyes and make a statement. If you do have a smaller office, you can still use these tips but with smaller pieces of framed art so it doesn't take over the room.
Update your office with art          Although black and white artwork is simplistic, it's contrasting colors are the perfect mix to make a bold statement in your office. Black is the darkest of all colors showing the absence or absorption of light. White, on the contrary, is the lightest pigment and it is the reflection of colors rather than the absorption. The great thing about decorating with these colors is you don't have to worry about the colors that are already in your room's decor. These two colors generally tend to match and compliment most colors. Since these colors differ so much, it helps them to pop and make a statement when paired together. One of the more popular styles in black and white art is photography. This style of black and white art draws eyes because of its plain appearance that surprisingly makes a statement. Black and white photography, although bold and unique, can bring different feels to your office depending on their subject matter. Black and white landscapes and seascapes brings a feeling of tranquility. These styles will bring more of a relaxing vibe to your office. Black and white animal photography can lighten the mood in your office and are good for more relaxed office environments that can enjoy a little humor. Another popular black and white subject are words. Black and white word art shows sophistication while sparking creativity and motivation. All of these popular types of black and white artwork have something more to offer to your decor along with the bold statement they bring.
Update your office with art          Abstract is a diverse type of art that speaks to each person in a completely different way. Two or more people can look at the same piece and get completely different messages from that one single framed abstract piece. Generally, abstract art does not take a specific shape. It gives your mind ultimate freedom to create what the image is to you. Most art styles tell you how to feel or set the mood of the print while abstract generally your mind create how it feels to you. Abstract is one of the few art styles that make a bold statement no matter the colors in the piece or the size of the piece. Another reason why abstract art is so bold is because it is art that speaks to you. Abstract art can speak about who you are and tell a lot about your personal style. Since abstract art is so diverse, you can find pieces to match almost any room's style. If you already have a theme in your room, you can choose abstract art to go along with that theme to create a cohesive look. Ways to match your framed abstract art to your current theme is by colors and possibly the shapes in the print. Colors in abstract vary so you can find the perfect colored art print. If you can't find a print with colors that match your current color theme, try going for black and white or neutral colored framed artwork.
Update your office with art           For a simpler way to make a bold statement in your office with framed art, use oversized art. Hanging framed oversized artwork in your room is the easiest way to make a statement because you don't have to worry about finding multiple pieces to fit a large space or matching frames to each other. If you have a big enough space, one oversized art print will do the trick. If you're using an oversized art print to make a statement in your office, you can choose any color, style or subject of artwork. The beauty of oversized artwork is that the piece will make a statement no matter the style or subject of the piece. Choosing an oversized art print that includes one of the above bold statement tactics will really make a bold statement, but is not ideal for smaller offices. In smaller offices it will overpower the room and sometimes make the room appear smaller than it actually is. When looking for frames to compliment oversized pieces, it's better to choose thicker frames. It has to be able to support the piece as well as compliment it without it getting lost under the print.

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