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Breathe Life with Green Art!

          Offices can often feel dull and dead causing them to put a damper on your mood and motivation. Adding life to your office helps not only motivate you and brighten your mood, but it brightens the mood of the whole office decor. Some of the more popular subjects for adding life to office decor are animals, plants and trees and art that includes green colors. For this type of decor, the prints are earthier and light so it's best to choose light, earth tone colored or wooden frames. Dark colors, although most popular for a lot of art subjects, will overpower these prints.
bring life to your office          Bring the beautiful outdoors indoors with framed tree artwork. If you don't want the responsibility or have the time for keeping real plants alive in your office, or you already have plants, framed tree art is the next best thing. When choosing framed tree decor for your office, there are a few different styles you can go for. The first is a natural style, prints that relate to this style are paintings and drawings of trees. Most of these look realistic and some almost look like a photograph. These are for more of a natural tree and earthy look. On the other end, there are tree paintings that are a little more unnatural. Artist Megan Duncanson's artwork is a good example of this style. Most of the trees in her art looks realistically shaped, but they are surrounded by colors that are not normally in the sky. Neon blues, oranges, yellows and more are included in her prints. These prints like Megan Duncanson's are better for those who want their office to have an earthy look that's a little more unique and with a little extra color pop. Since these colorful prints are bolder, there are more frame options that work for them rather than the earthy and light colors.
          Going green does not only pertain to showing your appreciation to the earth through recycling. You can also go green and show your love for earth by decorating your office in green art. The color green represents life, renewal and ambition. Not only can it show your appreciation for earth, but it can also help you feel more ambitious in your workspace. A lot of the framed green office art we carry has plants, flowers, animals and earthier related subjects which makes it easier to bring the outdoors indoors and get that earthy feel. If you are not looking for prints that have plants and nature in them, there are many green abstract art prints you can hang that still give that earthy feel without having plants and trees. The abstract pieces also include more colors than just green so you can match the colors to other colors in the room and tie all of the decor in together. Update your office with art

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