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Expand Your Office Space with Art!

          Small office spaces can make you feel cramped and overwhelmed making it harder to get work done. There are many decorating techniques you can use to take away that crowded feel and make your office feel more spacious. Having an open and spacious working environment makes it easier to have a relaxed and organized atmosphere. Some of the art techniques we have found that help crowded office spaces feel more open are landscapes, lighter and neutral colored art and framed mirrors. Keep in mind that you want to go for smaller art pieces when expanding smaller rooms. Using large or oversized art can actually make the room looks smaller.
bring life to your office           Landscapes range from a variety of styles and mediums. Some are photographs of open fields while others are paintings of open seascapes. Scenic landscapes are a great way to not only expand your small space, but also give a new view to look at. Rather than looking at a blank office wall, look at an open landscape or a famous attraction like the Eiffel tower to spark creativity. Landscape prints range from seascapes to tree filled woods and from paintings to photographs. Most of the paintings are so realistic that you can get lost in it while giving your mind a break from your hectic work life. It expands your space to go beyond the office walls into a new world that the art portrays. The shape and size plays a big role when trying to expand your office with landscape art. Choosing a tall or wide framed landscape print can expand the height or width of the room rather than choosing a square piece. You can choose the shape of your art based on which part of the room you want to expand.

bring life to your office           Lighter colors, also known as cool colors, expand small spaces while bringing a calming and relaxing feel to the room. They also represent health and security, which make them great for office spaces. Along with lighter colors, neutral colors also expand small and cluttered spaces. These colors include brown, tan, white, gray and black colors. When looking at lighter colored and neutral colored art, you can look for land and seascapes that are open and show a lot of space. Since office walls are generally painted white or off-white, hanging lighter colored art with frames that are a bit darker helps balance out the decor. When most people think about decorating with light or neutral colored art, they think of bland and boring. This is a common misconception for this colored art because you can still find art that expresses your style in these colors. These colors contain modern, photography, pop art, vintage, word art and many more styles!
bring life to your office           Framed mirrors are popular for decorating, they too expand small and crammed spaces. Framed mirrors expand the look and give a feel that the room is bigger than it really is. The main reason framed mirrors have this effect is reflection. When placed across from a window, they reflect the light that shines through which brightens and expands the room. You can also place the framed mirror across from the wall or door to make the room look more like it is expanded. Your frame choice is another really big factor when choosing a framed mirror for your office. Darker frames outline mirrors and help them pop. If you're going with a bigger mirror, choosing a thicker frame will not only outline the piece but will better support it as it hangs on the wall. It's really important that you choose carefully when shopping for art to expand your office space.

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