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Update your office with art

Set the Mood with a Pop of Color!

          Sit back, take a breath and work at your own pace. Your office is the one of the few places you can go to get work done away from the hectic workplace life. There are ways to decorate your office and also bring in a specific feeling and mood. Decorating with yellows, blues, reds and oranges are few of the many color you can decorate your room with that adds life and color as well as many other feelings. The best way to add a pop of color and feeling to your office is through artwork. Hanging artwork in your office is a simple way to express your style without painting the whole room or having to change out the furniture.
Update your office with art          Associated with joy, happiness and intellect, framed yellow art brings a warming and cheerful effect to the room. Show intellect with framed yellow art with recreations of the constitution, eye charts, or prints like Keep Calm and Know Your Rights. These and similar prints show intellect with the color and intelligence with the meaning behind the print. Bring happiness into your office with bright yellows. You can also use animal prints, floral prints and inspirational word prints. Brighter colored yellow prints instantly liven up dull offices and will help lighten your mood as well when you look at them. If you don't want to go with a specific theme of art, or already have a theme, consider decorating with abstract art. This style of art has no specific themes or subjects so you don't have to worry about matching anything else to it in the room. It's an easy way to add art and a spark of color.
Update your office with art          Show your loyalty and confidence by hanging framed blue decor in your office. Blue represents loyalty, confidence and trust which is also portrayed in a lot of the art prints we offer. This color is good to decorate an office with, especially around a time where you are looking for business partners or setting up business deals. If your office is already blue, finding blue art that has colors in it that are seen around the room would complement your office decor perfectly. Blue prints that would best represent loyalty and trust are prints like Gloxina by Steven N. Meyers. It is an x-ray photograph with two flowers together. One flower is slightly higher than the other, the lower flower is leaning to the side. The outermost pedals of these flowers are slightly touching. Show off some confidence with Lincoln Lawyer Quote. This image has the words "If you are absolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already. - Abraham Lincoln" are in white and are overlaying an image of an Abraham Lincoln statue. Although it talks about lawyers, it can also be used in other offices as well. Hanging abstract art in your office will still do the job of adding loyalty and confidence vibes because it still has those blue colors in it.
Update your office with art          Strength and power are oftentimes hard to establish in an office but are very important to have. Hanging red colored artwork is an easy way to show some power and strength in your office. Three of the main things that the color red represents are strength, power and energy. Whether it's abstract, word, or any other red color art, it will instantly add a strong update and feel to your room and decor. On top of strength and power, red art also adds brings energy to the room. For those slow workdays that seem to drag on forever and you can't stay focused, your red framed art decor will help liven your mood and help you gain the energy to get work done and get through the day.
          There are many other colors you can hang in your office to bring positive vibes including yellow, blue and red. Keep in mind when finding these colors that choosing the frame finish is another important step that could hinder the artwork bringing in that feel. For colors that bring bold vibes, use bold frames. For energetic colors, use bright frames. You can also choose a frame that matches and compliments the colors in the art print. Click here for more color trends and decorating ideas.

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