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Framed Bold Florals

The Bold Floral decorating idea brings excitement to your walls with vibrant color and extreme closeups of your favorite flowers. While rendering styles are varied, colors are rarely muted or washed out. The trend relies on intense hues with deep saturation. Decorating with Bold Florals is not for the timid. When you choose this style, you make a commitment to bring the beauty of nature inside with artwork that absolutely jumps from the walls. Bold Florals are happy and uplifting, never solemn or drab. They're filled with the promise and joy of nature.

Bold Florals Art Decor

Contemporary or Abstract?

Flowers provide endless inspiration, with modern artists leading the way. A fresh interpretive approach sets Bold Florals apart from conventional photography, with exploration of line and color. Notable artists include Jennifer Lommers, Mandy Budan, and Sylvie Demers.

Bold Florals Art
A Bunch of Flowers II
Hydrangeas in Blue
Electric Bloom
Fuchsia Flores Stripes
Breckenridge Poppies
Petunias and Pansies
Sunflowers In Glass Bottles
Blue Garden
Loose Flowers on Blue II
Agave Sunset

Masters Inspired

The masters loved to paint sunflowers, poppies, roses, and lilies. Today's artists draw inspiration from the the past, as we all stand on the shoulders of those that came before us. The work of Richard Wallich is a prime example, as he pays tribute to the great Impressionists. Carrie Schmitt's artwork explores the possibilities that live between softer Impressionist pieces and more graphic contemporary abstracts.

Bold Florals Art Decor

Extreme Close-Ups

Georgia O'Keefe is best known for her gorgeous tightly-cropped floral paintings. Her work is a cornerstone of the Bold Floral style, with extreme detail and high levels of saturation. Every artist has her own approach. Mandy Budan takes a detailed path with crisp flowing linework, while Natasha Barnes lays down lush blends in her Poppy series.

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