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Mandy Budan Art

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Mandy Budan (Born 1964) is a painter known for her colorful paintings of Canadian landscapes. Although she never limits herself to the real life colors of her subjects. Instead, she uses a variety of hues, and abstract shapes to best express her themes. Mandy’s exceptional mastery of her painting style and figures has seen her create artwork that delivers high quality needed for her audience. The magic in her works is that they’re constructed with an abstract style but also incorporate specific elements of realism. Her artistic prowess can be attributed to her years of experience, having started art making when she was still very young. Mandy ensured that she never lost focus, taking art classes through her high school and college. While in college, she focused on advertising design. She worked in the field of print and digital media as a graphic designer after finishing her college studies. Mandy, however, switched to painting in 2000, mainly drawn by the beautiful Canadian landscapes. She has participated in many shows and has had her works collected by reputable collectors. In creating her work, Mandy explores modern techniques, including online technology to sell her works. While Canadian landscapes inspire her artwork, she creates them in a manner that appeals to everyone, including those who aren’t of Canadian descent. She was born in Toronto and has spent most of her life in Canada where she’s created several artwork pieces. Framed Mandy Budan art can be found in galleries and are made ready for use in interior design.
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