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Clean Country Living

Clean Living

Clean Living is a home decor color palette that is crisp and simple. The foundation colors for this decorating theme are light gray, serenity blue, moss green, olive green, and espresso brown. These colors are contemporary without being trendy and relaxing without putting you to sleep. From artwork, to rugs, to window treatments, there are all kinds of home decor using this color palette that can be used to make your space unique.

The Clean Living color scheme can work well in any room of your home, adding a natural feel that will help to bring the natural colors of the outdoors in. When decorating in a small space, you can have light gray walls with darker accent pieces in Espresso Brown or Olive Green to finish off your space. In a larger room with gray or blue accent pieces, and Espresso Brown accent wall might be the perfect solution to add depth and contrasting color to the space.

If you're looking to redecorate and like the Clean Living colors, you might enjoy our Earthy Chic, Soothing and Serene or Worldly Decor decorating ideas. All of these styles are rooted in natural earth tones centered around creating a calm and comforting space.

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