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8 Modern Living Room Tips

Art speaks loud where words fail to communicate. There is no better space to house the intriguing and poignant dialogues inspired by art than your living room- the epicenter of occasion and conversation. Art here can take its place among the ideas and emotions on exchange, sparking new movements through the echoes of those passed by. How you integrate your art into your living room thus goes a long way in influencing not just your spatial aesthetic, but also the expressions it births.

Modern art is a treasure trove of ideas, beauty, style and emotions, making it a particularly potent addition to a space. Here are 8 unique ways to use modern art in your living room.

1. Introduce the Room

Modern Centerpiece Art

Make a solid first impression with your choice of wall art. A single statement piece- exaggerated in scale and size- on a front wall or over the mantelpiece- establishes a strong focal point in the space, expressing your ideas, inspirations and flair in a single stroke. Whether you fancy an abstract such as Blue Dream by Randy Hibberd or something more powerful like Picasso's anti-war statement with Guernica, pick art in sync with your spirit and space for maximum effect.

2. Play with Form and Lines

Forms in Modern Art

Your framed art doesn't have to stand in mute observation of your space; turn to the form and lines in your artwork for inspiration and weave them into your space. De Stijl compositions- Opposition of Lines by Piet Mondrian for instance- are particularly fabulous for bringing this play into your living room, breaking free of the frame to extend onto the furnishings, furniture, decor elements and surfaces.

3. Add a Dash of Movement

Add Movement with Abstract Art

Art is the perfect way to bring movement and silent surprise to a minimalist decor and living room. Adding a dash of color, lines and idea to the room, your wall art can save your space from falling into sheer predictability or utter clutter. Try Goldfish by Henri Matisse , Orchid Study IV by Maeve Harris or Light Fast I by Sarah Stockstill. Remember here too, as with your decor, less is more!

4. Celebrate Contrasts

Using Contrast Art

A framed art print can be used as surface treatment in your living room, bringing texture, color and volume to a wall. This choreography is further enhanced when contrasted across space and surface. You could contrast a busy print such as a Jackson Pollock or a Kandinsky with bare, muted walls, or explore mirrors and reflective wall finishes to give your art and room greater depth and presence.

5. Unravel History

Postmodern Prints

Every piece of modern art comes with its own story and historical reference. These histories punctuate your living room to bring character and flavor to it. From social commentaries by Keith Haring to political statements by Malevich or Banksy, render your deepest convictions alive through the art on display in your living room. Not only will these add to the aesthetic of your space, they are guaranteed to fuel the conversations that populate it as well!

6. Bring a Touch of Whimsy

Playful Mod Prints

Not everything in your living room needs to be weighed down by the formality of its proceedings. Modern art offers a spectacular medium to bring a touch of whimsy and humor to your space, without ever having to compromise on aesthetic impact. Pop art in particular is brilliant at this- offering the deepest of ideas through the most lighthearted of expressions. Explore the work of artists such as Roy Lichtenstein or neo-pop artists such as Romero Britto.

7. Use a Central Theme

Roy Litchenstein Prints

For a cozier vibe in your living room, choose a theme and build your collection of artwork and your decor around it. The most obvious source of inspiration is your work and life, allowing your passions to take new form in your living room. You could, for instance, allow your love of music to splash itself across your walls through a selection of tasteful framed art- from prints by Maurice Evans and Naxart, the choices here are aplenty.

8. Create Your Own Story

Contemporary Prints

If you have the luxury of space in your living room, why not curate your very own collection of framed art?! Weave your own emotion, aesthetic and story through a combination of artists and works. You could allow the content of the prints to create a storyboard, or let your room decor and aesthetics take charge. Enhance your display with lighting, and create pauses within your living room to view each piece from.

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