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Piet Mondrian Art

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Framed Autumn
by Piet Mondrian
32" x 38" Frame
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Piet Mondrian initially called Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan (March 7, 1872 - February 1, 1944) was an artist whose artistic creativity became very fundamental in the eventual development of modern abstract art. After years of developing his art, he started creating art using a great combination of colors, mainly primary colors, but also bringing in black and white. Mondrian also creatively infused lines and angles to achieve his desired end result. He always ensured that he got flawless harmony in his artistic works, depicting his belief in harmonious cosmos. Born to an amateur draftman father and a school headmaster, his life as a child was quite stable. His family also consisted of a few artists, including his uncle who was part of Hague School of landscape painters. Mondrian received the support of both his father and uncle, inspiring him to start studying drawing aged 14. Although he was focused on becoming a professional painter, his parents insisted otherwise and so he pursued a degree in education, getting qualification to offer training in drawing at the high school level. Even after receiving such qualifications, he was still determined to become a painter and so he chose not to look for painting lessons, but instead chose to seek further painting training from a nearby town of Winterswijk before moving to Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. It's there that he became a member of Art Lovers based in Utrecht. Mondrian art was first exhibited in 1893 before joining other Amsterdam based societies. But even during this time, he still continued to learn new things and even went as far as having his art exhibited in 1897. His art covers several different subjects and have a clear depiction of light and darks. Piet Mondrian framed art and canvas prints are sold in diverse galleries.
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