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Worldly Decor

Worldly decor is a great way for people to bring distinct international and/or local culture into their homes. It allows an individual to share the world's beauty with their family and friends. Worldly art can include paintings or images of nature, architecture, landscapes, and historic landmarks.

Not everyone is blessed enough to travel as much as they would like. This type of decor can help to transform your home into wherever you want it to be. For a hopeless romantic that may be Paris at night. An adventurous gypsy soul could decorate with vintage art from all over the world. A brave and curious person could bring in art with African safaris and wild animals. If you are one of those that gets to frequently travel all over the world, you have the luxury of bringing back unique pieces of art from your destinations. If you are not, these art pieces are the next best thing. For a frequent traveler it can be a constant reminder of the memories you have made on each one of your trips. For a bohemian wanderlust it can make the home a relaxing environment where they can be at peace.

Worldly Framed Decor

Once you have picked your art pieces, you will want to further accentuate your decor. This is where frames and mattes come in. Worldly art is usually earth toned and typically best complemented by dark colored frames, such as black, espresso, or mahogany. There may also be some pieces that display maps or continents with a yellow tint. These would look beautiful in a classic gold finished frame to complement their coloring. The frame and the matte color should always be a smooth flowing extension of the artwork. Typically, a crisp white matte with a bold colored frame is going to be a safe bet.

Living Room

If you are looking to add elegance and inspiration to your living room, worldly decor will definitely accomplish that. One way to go would be to utilize maps from all over the world. Old world and antique styled maps work great in a traditional decor style and more contemporary maps with famous sayings or photographic overlays are a great way to add a worldly decor style in a more modern living room.

Another theme you could go for is to make a collage wall of several different pieces. When you create a collage wall you want all the artwork to be different sizes and sometimes different shapes. It does not all have to have the same color frame or be the same dimensions. Use a mixture of rectangles and squares, big and small. This will add depth and dimension to your room and create a fun yet elegant space. The collage wall shown in the picture uses all different colors of frames and pieces of artwork. It ties the room together beautifully and doesn't make you decide on just one or two of your favorite pieces. Using oranges, yellows, red, and browns together is not only gorgeous but it is also very versatile. You can choose any earth toned color wall, furniture, and accessories to play off of these colors.

Lastly, some individuals may just be interested in the simple beauty of landmarks or international destinations. To help transform your living room to reflect this, you can hang artwork that includes architecture, bodies of water, tropical beaches, mountain ranges and other aspects of nature or history from famous locations. Achieving this look will help the room feel very relaxing and beautiful.

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Dining Room

Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house because it is where people come to gather for a great meal and even better conversations. A room where priceless memories are created between you and your loved ones. The decor in your dining room can greatly affect the mood and the vibe of the room. Before choosing your artwork for this room you will want to look at the pieces you already have, the paint color, and the wood finish of any furniture already in the room. Then you can decide what worldly decor pieces and colors you want to bring in to tie the room together.

If you have darker colored curtains and wood furniture you may want to go with a few simple statement pieces. You can even incorporate some with fashion from different countries around the world. You will want to choose prints with earth toned colors used in them and pair them with a bright white matte and a thick, darkly colored frame - preferably one that accents your wooden furniture and wall color nicely.

Another way you may incorporate worldly decor into your dining room is through artwork that displays simple words or phrases from other countries. Perhaps they will be phrases or words in another language or symbols. The phrase "bon appetit" stems from France and means good appetite. This phrase is widely displayed in restaurants and homes around the world. You can also display Chinese symbol art decor. Three simple squared and framed art that each displays one Chinese symbol. The symbols for "Eat, Pray, Love" or "Family, Love, Laughter" would provide personalization to your dining room. Paired with a white matte and an olive green or neutral beech wood frame and you have yourself a classy, modern yet inviting and warm dining room.


Framed Worldly Artwork
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