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Framed Beach Bungalow Decor

Decorating with the theme of a beach bungalow is exciting and fresh! Who doesn't like to feel like they're under the sunshine and blue skies with the warm sand beneath their toes? A traditional beach bungalow feel can be created using shells, seascapes and shades of blue and green. You can also use the muted colors of a more natural color palette to create a more unique beach bungalow look. Whichever look you choose, you really can't go wrong when you decide to bring the look and feel of the beach indoors.

Framed Beach Bungalow Art

Worldly Beach Bungalow

Using worldly art to complement your beach decor is a timeless and classic idea. There are so many different pieces of art and treasures that you will open yourself up to in this unique style. To start you would want to paint your walls a neutral color such as antique white. Against the walls you can use antique luggage in place of a table to hold other classic pieces. Perhaps an old globe painted in a bronzed gold with ancient maps rolled up and tied with twine beside it.

For art pieces you will have an abundance to choose from. One great example would be Lorna De Gallegos "SeaShell Collection" pieces. She includes three different art pieces in this collection and does an amazing job of bringing in seashells with a classic, antique look. Since they have neutral backgrounds you would want to pair them with an off white matte and a light brown toned frame. Hung above your antique luggage decor and next to a big window will give them just the right amount of natural light they need to shine and completely tie your room together.

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Beach Bungalow Landscapes

When decorating in a beach theme you can also focus on creating a very serene indoor space - one where guests feel completely at ease as soon as they enter your home. Using beach landscape art and other simple statement pieces can easily help you accomplish this effect. The palette for this look would be earth tones that have a bohemian feel to them. Burnt orange, sky blue, and neutral brown tones are all good choices. A couple small potted palms that are nice and green will give you and your guests the feeling of being in nature, while not actually having to leave your home and make great accent pieces in this beach themed decor style.

Choosing a large piece of landscape art makes a great centerpiece for this look. John Constable's "Brighton Beach" is an excellent choice. It is nice neutral tones and almost resembles a calm watercolor painting. It would be a great complementary piece to tone down the oranges, greens, and blues in your room and also give it a feeling of being complete. Hang it on a sky blue accent wall and your room is finished.

Beach Bungalow Seashells

Decorating with the use of seashells and seashell art is a fantastic way to bring in some of the ocean and beach life into your home. It can bring in many different patterns and colors while still being subtle and adding to a relaxing atmosphere. The natural shades of shells will often work in a room of pale browns and yellows. Instead of having shell art only on the walls, look for alternative items that could be used to create a focal point in the room for displaying your seashell art. An old wooden ladder, a shelf made out of driftwood or a weather-worn window frame could all be good choices to create your seashell art centerpiece. Alan Blaustein's "Seaglass 2" is an artwork choice that could bring many colors in your room together to complete this beach-inspired look. In a brown frame that matches the other woods in your room, your beach bungalow inspired room is ready for entertaining and sure to wow your friends.

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