Redecorating for the New Year!

It’s time to press the Reset Button. If you’re like most of us, you’re ready to kiss 2020 goodbye, and start over with a fresh new year. One way you can create a visual symbol of this fresh start is by redecorating with new framed art! Let’s explore some different styles, and make 2021 beautiful.

new year

New Year, New Vintage

We’ll be honest, vintage has been in style for years. But it’s still unique, and this New Year, embrace an old look and decorate your home with some colorful, vintage framed art. One great thing about vintage art is that it encompasses a wide range of topics. Whether you’re crazy about sports, in love with animals, or just an avid coffee drinker, there’s plenty of vintage art just for you.

Some of our favorite pieces of vintage art revolve around the theme of travel. The brilliant colors and imaginative themes of vintage travel posters are perfect in so many different settings. This new year, give your office a wanderlusty makeover, whether you’re working in the home, or away from home!

new year

Lakehouse Life

Maybe you moved all the way into the lakehouse this year, or maybe you were stuck at home. Either way, framed Lakehouse Life art is a calm, refreshing theme you can use to redecorate your space. The great thing about Lakehouse Life art is that you can use it to decorate your actual lake house, or you can use it to decorate your landlocked home! There’s no end to the diversity of lakehouse art. There are fun signs, serene landscapes, and everything in between.

We’re going to have to recommend the landscape, since it works well in virtually any room in the house. A reflective lake landscape is wonderful for anyone who needs a push to spend some time… reflecting. This piece, Storm Lake by Stephen Goodhue, is especially perfect because of its muted colors and foreboding mood. This is the kind of piece that makes you stop, look, and think. (If there’s anything we all could use a good dose of this new year, it’s stopping, looking, and thinking!)

new year

A Tropical Vacation for the New Year

Even if you can’t actually take a tropical vacation, maybe you can dedicate a room, or even a corner, to some tropical decor! A colorful, tropical touch can brighten your days during the cold and cloudy afternoons of winter. Breezy palm trees, exotic animals, sailboats and tropical fish dominate the topics of tropical framed art. You can match tropical art to your existing color scheme, or let it provide a contrast to more neutral hues!

Choosing tropical framed art this new year has many benefits. Current trends state that tropical prints, like this tiger print elevate your space to a new level of class!

new year

What was once a vibe reserved for the Hawaiian shirts of your tackiest uncle is now considered very on point. We also love the simple, geometric look of this snail x-ray by Albert Koetsier.

new year


There are so many more styles to choose from. Maybe this new year, you’re looking for something completely different from how you have decorated in the past. We recommend browsing through the Posh London collection, or even taking an icy trip down the snowy pathway of the Nordic Shores. We love how diverse and eclectic art can be, but sometimes, you just need some Fresh Neutral Art to give you a breezy breath of air this new year.

Whatever you’re looking for, has so many different colors and moods for you to browse through. We hope you had a very Happy Holiday season, and we wish you a new start this new year!