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Framed New Vintage

Decorating with vintage art has been a popular trend for many years. The unique style offers a sophisticated decorating solution for many rooms in the home and allows you to express a personal style or affinity for specific brands, products or cultures. New vintage artwork is inspired by those original vintage pieces but also incorporates new trends, colors and subjects. Popular subjects for new vintage art include animals, travel, coffee and sports. These subjects are then featured in artwork that imitates the popular ads that were seen around the world into the early 1900's. New vintage artwork tends to have a more colorful palette and a more playful tone which makes it fun for all ages and versatile for home decorating.

New Vintage Art Decor

Sports Theme

The game room or man cave is the perfect room for using new vintage art. Series of vintage-styled sports art are a perfect way to bring in the themes that he loves while keeping with a style that she will appreciate as well. Images of baseball, football and golf in traditional colors can complement in a room with a vintage industrial feel. Adding modern furniture pieces like a bright red chair or black pool table will complete this look and create a space for the whole family to enjoy.

In a more modern game room with neutral colors, dog-themed new vintage art from Ryan Fowler makes a great addition. These dogs are fun and colorful which make them perfect for family rooms and other entertainment spaces. You can use various shades of blue to create a designed accent wall for displaying your art, or hang the art on a light-colored wall to make it stand out on its own.

New Vintage Art
Pink Bug in Europe
Black Dog Brewing Co Square
Cote d'Azur
Wash Dry Fold Painted Wood
Seattle World's Fair 1962 II
Yosemite Mountains And Trees
Vintage Golf - Passion
Dream Big - Pink Truck and Flowers
Retro Kitchen III - Just Roll With It
Vintage Car III
Cat Coffee
1920's Paris I

Travel Theme

New vintage travel posters are another great way to decorate in your home or office. Along the same lines as the popular Wanderlust trend, these travel posters encourage imagination and day dreams of leaving the day to day and venturing off the beaten path. While some of these vintage-inspired pieces have bright, bold colors to liven up your space and add a pop to the walls, there are others that feature the trees and other greenery of the great outdoors. The more modern colors lend themselves perfectly to a modern office or home workspace, while the new vintage travel posters with a more natural feel will work well in an entry way or sitting area with early chic colors and style.

New Vintage Art Decor

Food Theme

And we can't forget what is maybe the most common use of vintage art - the kitchen and dining room. Vintage art has always featured food, beer and alcohol from around the world. Both the French and Italians made these vintage ads famous and they have been used in kitchens and restaurants ever since. New vintage art is perfect for decorating in these areas as well. With many artwork choices that feature food and beverages, you can create an eating area with vintage accents to create a unique feel. Used in a contemporary dining room, black frames and white mats will make the artwork stand out on neutral walls and create your focal point for the room. In a smaller breakfast nook or dining area in the kitchen, consider using a set of small coffee prints to decorate and add a lot of color in a small space.

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