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Fresh Neutral Art

Using a neutral color scheme in your decor is the safe way to go when you are unsure of what colors to use or feel intimidated by bold hues. In a Fresh Neutral color palette there are lots of white, cream, beige, taupe, tan and pale gray with some accents in pale blue, purple, green and touches of black and brown. Neutral colors have been around for ages but have recently made a comeback. With so many shades to choose from, neutrals are anything but boring. They add a freshness and timeless sophistication to any space and can be used in just about any room. Fresh neutrals are a good choice for a gender-neutral nursery. They can work in a modern setting or a more traditional room. Neutral colors appeal to most people which is why realtors recommend using them when selling your home.

Fresh Neutral Style


Fresh neutral colors in a bedroom create a tranquil space that promotes relaxation. Paint an accent wall in pale green to add warmth to a neutral bedroom with white furniture, white bed linen and beige carpet. Throw in some gray decorative pillows and framed art with shades of white and gray for visual interest.

If you have a bathroom that is predominantly white, hang a pair of framed prints with neutral colors in varying shades of cream, beige and brown to break up the stark whiteness of the walls.

Framed Fresh Neutral Art
Neutral Agate
Floral Country Crocks
Modern Fleurs
Neutral Abstract Floral II
Eden Breeze
Country Meadow Landscape Neutral
Wild Flowers II
Manhattan Dawn Gold and Neutral
Trees at Dawn II Neutral
Sunset Birch Forest III
An Evening Out Neutral

Dining Room

A neutral dining room with white walls and flooring is the perfect backdrop to show case accent pieces such as black minimalist chairs with natural wooden legs. Create a focal wall by hanging a gallery of framed prints. Select artwork in various neutral colors such as gray, cream and tan and frame them in gray and gold for interest and variety.

In a dining room with neutral walls and a lot of dark wood furnishings and trim, hang an oversized print with lighter colors and a dark frame with gold accent to create a focal point in the room.

Fresh Neutral Art Decor

Living Room

Decorate your living room with Fresh Neutral colors to create a light and airy space. Use a combination of neutral colors such as white and beige or white and pale gray in several shades to add contrast and depth. These colors allow accent furnishings such as a tan side table, black framed coffee table and cream and light green geometric patterned rug to stand out. Finally, add a couple of framed prints above the couch to pull everything together. Choose artwork and a frame that picks up the neutral colors and tones of the room to create a unifying look.

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