Geometric Art – Inspire a Modern Touch with Geometric Wall Art

What you hang on your walls says a lot about you. The art style you choose reflects your taste, your thoughts, and even your favorite historical periods. Impressionist paintings reveal as much as framed playbills. This is why many decorators choose a stylishly neutral approach with modern design. Since the Mod movement of the 1960s with sleek minimalism as well as clean white designs, modern art has focused on a striking and abstract style. Here’s how you can inspire a modern touch using geometric art.

Modern design creates as well as emphasizes spaces. Often making spaces feel larger by opening up the lines of the room. From abstract sculpture to framed geometric perspectives, modern art makes a room feel bright, creative, and clean.

The best place to start with modern interior design is geometry. Abstract geometric shapes, as well as mosaic art, are the perfect accents to any modern room design. Whether you’re starting with a fully furnished living room or an empty lobby space, geometric art can define your style as modern as well as serve to influence clean, creative thinking for the rest of your design.

Shape and Thought in Framed Artwork

The art we see on the wall shapes our thoughts. Have you ever lost yourself in a painting, or had a piece of art spark a sudden creative thought?

Artistic geometry inspires creative thought in the human mind. Like doing things in reverse, using your off-hand, as well as viewing the world upside-down, geometric art gives us a new perspective.  From MC Escher’s endless staircases to the simple presentation of two floating cubs, the human mind fills in the gaps and abstract geometry gains a unique personal meaning.

This is why geometric art feels modern. It takes clean lines as well as the simple use of color to inspire contemplation. Without creating an obtrusive visual presence on the wall.

Labyrinth by Sue Schlabach

Labyrinth by Sue Schlabach

Select Your Color Palette

One of the great things about modern art is that you can suit any color scheme. The abstract, as well as geometric art styles, can be reflected using any colors. If you have a blue and aquatic style, you can find geometric art that perfectly matches this palette or provides a refreshing contrast in just the right shade.

Geometric art often includes an internal palette with two or three tones faded into each other between shapes. You can also find bold sectional geometry more resembling stained glass artwork.

Geometric Common Ground by Britt Hallowell

Geometric Common Ground by Britt Hallowell

Abstract Geometry vs Geometric Imagery

Geometric art can be found on a scale of abstract to imagery. On one side are floating wireframe shapes in an empty background. On the other end is Picasso’s multi-shaped depictions of people as well as places. Mosaic can be considered a type of geometric art, whether that mosaic is of abstract design or forms an image with geometric tiles. 

This gives you an incredible range of artwork as well as styles to choose from to create that touch of modern style in your room design.

Tundra Wolf by Davies Babies

Tundra Wolf by Davies Babies

Geometric Art  Expands the Room

Spacious rooms feel cleaner as well as more comfortable. Loft ceilings are popular, and so are designs that make small rooms feel bigger. Geometric art is the ideal accent to a spacious home design. This is because the art itself feels like it creates space.

Much of geometric wall art is color frames of shapes on a white canvas background. These white canvases and interesting shapes actually make the room seem larger. To the viewer’s eye, the room may stretch into the dimension of the geometric art. Geometry pulls the eye into a new perspective, which can feel like distance.

To make a room seem larger,  use geometric art to enhance the space. The right geometry can also accentuate an expansive wall so it feels inspiring instead of towering.

Bedroom with modern design featuring a geometric art on a wall.

Retro Squares 1 by RetroPlanet

The Beauty in Geometry

There are many different styles of geometric art to choose from. You can create a unified collection or find a creative mix that suits your color palette. The simple truth is that there is beauty in geometry. Geometric art makes the viewer feel more creative. And often enhances the space where the geometry is displayed.

If you are seeking geometric artwork for your interior design, you can find a diverse and beautiful collection with us. Let us help you bring that bright and creative modern touch to your interior design.