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Geometric Lines and Designs

Geometric lines and designs can bring a quirky and abstract feel to any room. When used as art pieces they can invoke a sense of bold and daring energy. Typically, geometric artwork is bright and bold in color to help bring a positive feeling into room in which they are used. Geometric art adds a feel that is undoubtedly modern, making it a great way to spruce up your space and give it an entirely new feel with wall art. Geometric lines, abstract designs, and other decorative contemporary art is a great way to elevate the feel of your room to be more sophisticated, especially if you have an adventurous sense of style.

Geometric Lines and Designs Framed Decor

Dining Room

The dining room is a place where everyone can come together for a meal and great conversation. Some of the most profound memories come from sitting around a dining room table enjoying a meal with family and friends. That being said, you want the dining room to reflect a space where people can be comfortable and express themselves. It is important that the atmosphere and the vibe of the room has just the right combination of bold decor to inspire and calming energy to relax. Decorating with geometric lines and designs can help you to achieve this goal. If you are looking to create a calmer and centered space, with a touch of vibrancy, go for the artwork that uses earth tones and softer patterns. Two long vertical pieces of art side by side will also add the illusion of more height to your walls.

If your family and friends are more on the fun and adventurous side, then you may want to use geometric lines and designs in a different way. Go for the more daring and bright colors when looking for those perfect decor pieces. Artwork with different shapes in different sizes and colors will make your walls come to life. They will allow your family and guests to let loose and have fun around the table. This style of modern decor will bring in just the right amount of eccentricity while still keeping the room classy and modern. If your dining room lacks length and width, consider finding pieces that are wider or square in shape. This will help the room to appear more spacious than it actually is.

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Living Room

The living room is the most used room for relaxing in many homes. It is the room where your family and friends will gather together on numerous occasions to relax, celebrate, and make countless memories together. Whether you are just spending casual time together after a long week or hosting a birthday celebration, the living room needs to be a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Decorating with geometrics is extremely versatile for this space. Statement pieces with funky shapes will give you more of an eccentric vibe, even when using a more muted color palette. A living room in blue, gray and cream colors can be modern and clean, but also be extremely comfortable and welcoming.

Geometric Lines Designs Decor Ideas Video

A living room decorated with geometric lines or designs in bold color can have a very different impact on your room and really bring a sense of energy to the space. If you are someone who wants your living room to feel more cutting edge and sharply decorated, you will want to go with pieces that have clean cut lines and edges. These are often abstract, yet simple designs. Art with shades of black, white and gray that include bright pops of color like yellow or orange are one way to bring a cohesive accent color to your room. Add lamps, rugs, and throw pillows that include the same bright shade and you have a cohesive room that really stands out and shows your flair for modern decorating. Finishing your art with a crisp white matte and a thick black frame is sure to keep the focus on the artwork and help it to blend with the rest of your contemporary styled room.

Framed Geometric Lines and Designs Artwork
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