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Stylish Savanna Art

Our Stylish Savanna decor is inspired by the African Savanna, a large area of grassland with scattered trees, that lies near the Equator of this vast continent. It is home to some of the world's most unique and diverse wildlife. The draught tolerant vegetation consists mainly of tall grasses dotted with trees and plants that can withstand long dry periods.

A Savanna style look can be achieved primarily through a combination of color, patterns, texture and ethnic accessories. The key elements of this decor include earth tone colors such as browns, creams, yellows, rusty reds, greens and grays. It also includes safari animal prints, tribal patterns that often have parallel zig-zags, African masks and various carvings. The earthy color palette and nature inspired decor help to create a warm and inviting space that is exotic yet stylish.

Stylish Savanna Style

Patterns & Colors

Accessories, with African patterns and earthy colors, can instantly transform a living room to reflect the Stylish Savanna decor. Adding a zebra patterned rug and a Savanna patterned canvas art piece, with browns, reds and creams, above the fireplace achieves the look without changing anything else in a contemporary living room.

A neutral bedroom is the perfect room to introduce bold Savanna colors through furnishings and artwork. Combining a dark brown mahogany headboard and lamp stands with deep red lamp shades, roman blinds and bedding creates a rich and luxurious space. Adding a tall potted plant and 4 framed prints from our Stylish Savanna art collection completes the look.

Framed Stylish Savanna Art
Zebra Codex
Safari Script I
Elephant Trees
Whimsical Water Zebra
Lion Half Face
Do You Want My Lions Share
Kenya. Handmade Masai shields at a roadside market
Red Jungle Spa I
Gold Water Giraffe
Africa, Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro, landscape and zebra
Gilded Zebra on Black
Stand Tall Giraffe

Savanna Animals

Safari animal prints and natural textures are other key elements that are characteristic of a Savanna style. A quick way to introduce these elements into your decor is to create an accent wall that is African themed. Start by painting a wall brown or better still, consider using textured wall paper that resembles tree bark. With so many shades of brown to choose from, make sure you pick a tone that complements the colors found in the room's furnishings and accessories, such as a couch or bed linen, for a cohesive look. Next, create a focal point by hanging framed art of safari animals on the wall as well as other interesting African artifacts such as masks. At FramedArt.com there is a large selection of art with zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, antelopes and much more in various styles ranging from photographic prints, sketches and paintings. Framing the prints in brown or black frames with texture adds to the overall style that is Savanna.

African Savanna Art Decor

Savanna Landscapes

Artwork captures the true essence of the Savanna style. Besides animal prints, there are stunning prints of African landscapes of regions within the Savanna plains such as the Serengeti and Maasai Mara. Acacia thorn trees and baobabs form unique outlines against backdrops with brilliant sunsets and sunrises. Dark tropical storm skies create a rainbow of colors with yellows, oranges, and indigo blues. Imposing mountains such as Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya rise above the dry flat plains and early morning mists shroud hill tops. All these images reflect the natural and wild beauty of the African continent and can be easily included in your Stylish Savanna makeover.

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