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Framed Kinder Chic Art

The Kinder Chic decorating style is a kid-centric look that complements a modern home while being fun and inviting for little ones. Bold colors and accent pieces are sure to catch your child's eye and give them a space to express themselves using imagination and creativity - all while being stylish and modern. Bright pinks, purples, teals, oranges, and yellows are just some of the colors that would go well in a Kinder Chic playroom, bedroom or even nursery. These bright colors, used in unique combinations can be fun extensions of the chic and contemporary styles found throughout the rest of your house, giving the kids a space that they can call their own.

Kinder Chic Style

Bright & Colorful

The Kinder Chic Bright and Colorful style is designed to be fun for both children and adults while stimulating the mind and imaginative play. Using bold and bright colors is a great way to achieve this look and have fun at the same time. And there's no limit to the number of colors that you bring into the room - you can tie in any number of bold and bright hues for kids.

One great color combo for girls in particular is bright green, bright pink, and yellow. These three colors play off each other well and will immediately bring your room to life, creating a feeling of spring and outdoor fun. Using green rugs yellow walls, you can create a feeling of grass on the ground and sun in the sky around you. Add artwork of flowers and birds to finish off this fun outdoorsy look for kids.

Another great team of colors is red, orange, and blue. These colors would be perfect in a little boy's bedroom or gender neutral playroom. Using white or brown furniture, rugs and accent pieces, these colors lend themselves to a sports themed room, or even a room of abstract art and design that is based solely on color. With the bright red and deep blue to balance each other out, this room works for any season or mood.

For rooms that are bright and use a mix of colors for both boys and girls alike, choosing artwork is an exciting way to add color and personality. A piece that strikes the eye is Matt Crump's "Candy-Colored Pencils". This piece incorporates many different bright and fun colors but is still clean lined and modern in feel. You could pair it with any colored frame you like but a yellow one would be a stellar complement to the colors or the artwork. Another colorful piece is "Owl Land" by Ingrid Blixt. This piece also incorporates many different colors while still being contemporary. Frame it in lime green to complete the look with a lively color pop.

Framed Kinder Chic Art
Hold Him A Little Longer - White
Elephant with Butterfly
FuddieDuds Duck
Playful Pals- Hippo
Let Them Be Little
Cuddly Bear
Kid Lion
Giraffe Joy Ride II
Balloon Gal
Playroom Rules I
Be Brave Deer
Bow Wow Dalmation

Colorful Quotes

Using Word Art to decorate a playroom or kid's bedroom is a great way to make a child's space fun yet one that promotes positive thinking, good self-esteem and learning. The Kinder Chic Colorful Quotes for Kids category has word art appropriate for all ages, from nursery to teen years. Chariklia Zarris' series "Kid Play", when paired with green, pink, red and yellow frames, creates a colorful wall display that encourages good thoughts and actions. Quotes with animals such as those by artist A Fresh Bunch help to reinforce self-esteem and are youthful and decorative at the same time. So no matter what age your children may be, you are sure to find the perfect piece of quote art to meet their stage of development.

Kinder Chic Art Decor


There are so many different ways to achieve a kinder chic look and feel in your home. One of those ways is incorporating contemporary art with animals from the Kinder Chic Wild for the Child Animals collection. After all, what child doesn't love animals? And when you're using animals that are more abstract or modern in nature, they have an appeal to adults with a flair for decorating as well. Animals for children don't have to be pastels or childish in nature - they can be colorful, fresh and real pieces of art. And from a child's eyes, the art is fun and lively and features some of their favorite animals. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

One decorating suggestion would be to create a feature wall using a series of art pieces like those by Jay Fleck that are both fun and humorous. They incorporate a few different animals with multiple colors. Framing them in black, with a white matte, helps to create a coordinated look that is youthful and whimsical. Another good choice is the series of animal prints by John W Golden featuring a squirrel, fox and bear that would work well in either a girl's or boy's bedroom.

Kinder Chic Decor Ideas Video
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