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2015 Tangerine Art

More About Tangerine

Tangerine orange is an electric and vibrant color that combines the energy and excitement of red with the warmth and friendliness of yellow. It has grown in popularity among designers and consumers since 2012 when it was nominated Pantone's color of the year. A popular decorating trend is to infuse neutral spaces with bold colors. Incorporating Tangerine orange accent pieces in a room with earth tone colors such as browns, creams and beiges will add a burst of energy. Pair it with complementary colors, like aqua or teal, in a light and airy room for a tropical and happy look.

There are many shades of Tangerine orange ranging from the bright to the more subdued. By choosing the right tone, Tangerine orange can be used in any room or decor style. A vibrant orange works well in a modern decor to create a powerful and energized mood. A darker tone of orange can add warmth and luxury to a living room or bedroom.

Complementary Colors

complementary Colors

Tangerine Office

Whether it's a quaint home workspace or an office at your workplace, Tangerine orange can make the room cheerful and bright. It can fill the space with optimism and creativity, helping to improve problem solving and decision making skills. Stylish office decor in orange can motivate and inspire. Art is an easy and affordable way to introduce orange into your work area. Choosing the right piece that will complement the style of the room is paramount. For a modern office design, consider Orange Brooklyn Bridge by Veruca Salt, an abstract print such as Intensita II by Claudia Vera or Keep Calm (orange) to add a touch of whimsy. If you are looking for art that is suitable for a den with a masculine feel, Bronco by Red Horse Signs and Upside Down Australia by American Flat would be good choices. Parapluie-Revel Lyon and Tour de France 1925 will work well in a vintage themed room. Contemporary pieces such as Flower Dance II and Tulips in the Midst II will add an air of sophistication in a more traditional study. Whatever your style, you can be sure to find the perfect print for your office from our collection of orange colored art.

Framed Tangerine Art
Orange Rustic Pumpkin
Other Beautiful Things
Happy Accident
In Sync
Orange Poppy
In Sync
Golden Gate Bridge - Headlands
Bowl of Oranges
Birds of Paradise II
Autumn Bounty

Tangerine Kitchen

What better place to find inspiration, when decorating a kitchen, than from the foods that nature provides. Orange appears abundantly in nature from fruits and vegetables to flowers and autumn leaves. Still life paintings of fruits and vegetables are popular art pieces for a kitchen and large-scale art is very much on trend. Close-Up of Oranges by Panoramic Images is a large painting that can bring a big splash of orange into a kitchen. Alternatively, if you prefer to make a small statement, Crunchy by Lisa Audit will add a strong punch with its bold tone of orange. They say that orange stimulates the appetite which makes it a perfect color for a breakfast nook. Go bold with orange colored walls or patterned orange upholstered chairs. Hang a series of coordinated framed orange art pieces, such as in the series Painted Tulips I, II, III and IV, to create a space that is warm and inviting.

Tangerine Bedroom and Bathroom

Tangerine orange is exciting and stimulating yet can be soothing and pleasant too. People are hesitant to use it in their bedroom interiors because it is such a bold color. If you want the warmth of orange in your bedroom but desire a softer, more organic look, use orange-toned wood flooring and furniture. Add some orange accents through textiles, such as bedding and window treatments, or framed orange art on your walls. A mostly white bedroom is easy to change with the seasons. For fall, warm up the room with autumn landscape art that is rich in orange tones, as a reminder of the changing leaves outdoors. Orange can be fun and playful making it ideal for a kid's bedroom. Explore all our orange colored framed art to find the perfect accessory for your bedroom.

Orange is an energizing color which makes it a great choice in a bathroom, where you spend the morning getting ready to start the day. Spice up a boring blank wall with bright Tangerine colored art to give you a boost of energy. Your bathroom will be instantly transformed. On the other hand, if you prefer your bathroom to be more soothing and relaxing, add artwork with darker orange tones, framed in a rustic brown frame, to create a rich, warm and cozy vibe.

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