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Moss Green and Marigold Colored Prints

About Moss Green and Marigold

Two colors that are making a comeback lately are Moss Green and Marigold. Sometimes feeling like a throwback to the seventies, both of these colors can be used to add a hip and retro feel in modern decor styles. As accent colors added to many of the popular decorating ideas out there, both Moss Green and Marigold give you a way to be trendy, yet unique, when decorating your home. Earthy Chic, New Vintage and Scandinavian are just a few of the decor styles in which these two colors can make a big impact on your space. Used together or on their own, both Moss Green and Marigold are home decor wins in our book!

Both colors complement each other and are often used by artists. Perfect examples of artwork that utilize a combination of Moss Green and Marigold colors are "Under the Sun II" by Lisa Audit, "Lime Wire I" by Erin Ashley and "Andalucia Tiles G Color" by Silvia Vassileva. They add richness and warmth to your room's decor.

Marigold Complements

Moss Green Complements

Decorate with Marigold

Marigold Colored Art

Let's start with a few ideas on how to add Marigold to your home decor. Going back to that Scandinavian feel, you can add Marigold to a room that is predominantly white to add a splash of color in a way that's fun and functional. Bright pink or teal are great complementary colors to this bold shade of yellow, and let's not forget about adding Marigold in a room of natural tones like the moss green when you're looking to brighten things up.

Marigold is a popular color in Vintage Art making it a great color choice when decorating in this timeless style. With distressed wood furniture pieces, old books or records as accent items and a few pieces of vintage art on the walls, you can create a space that is comfortable and calming in its look and feel. Using Marigold as the primary color in this vintage decor style allows you to use other vintage shades like Espresso Brown or Red as accent colors throughout your space. In a bar or entertaining area, you might think about Vintage Alcohol Posters. If you are decorating in a kitchen, you might prefer ads for coffee or food. With so many vintage images to choose from, you can use this popular decorating trend and still make your room unique.

Framed Marigold Art
Lotties Sunflowers
It's A Wonderful Life Wreath
Low Country Landscape II
Yellow Floral II
Sunflowers, 1888 yellow
Bright Poppies Vase yellow gray
Yellow Peony
Pop Art Floral I Retro
Harvest Gold Sunflower Bouquet
Laugh Often

Decorate with Moss Green

Moss Green Art

Moss Green is a contemporary green color that works with many color palettes and decorating ideas. In modern decor, Moss Green artwork is great for combining with wood and other natural elements to make a room that is modern, but soft in it's look and feel. If your home has more lightly colored wood and walls in the decor, you might go with Moss Green artwork in a dark brown frame to make it a focal point that will stand out. In a study or office area, potted plants and other natural elements used as decor will help to bring the outdoors in and give you a comfortable space to work or unwind.

In a room with darker wood elements and other furniture, Moss Green artwork is the perfect finishing touch to lighten up the space. Indoor plants can be used here as well, and you might consider throw pillows, decorative green fruit, like limes or apples, or candles in various shades of green to complete the look. This particular shade of green doesn't need to be used in large amounts to make a big impact. Adding Moss Green accents can change up the look and feel of your existing decor with just a few small changes in wall art and accessories.

Framed Moss Green Art
Tropical Study IV
Ivies and Ferns IV
Boho Elephant I
The Flying Dutchman
Sweet Southwest IV
Gold Earth IV
Rowboat with Lily Pads
Gold Earth VI
Leaf Abstract III Green
Lake House
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