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Framed Scandinavian Art

The word Scandinavian was originally introduced in the 18th century, also known as Nordic Viking times. It has since evolved into not only a way of culture and life, but also a style of decor. Decorating in Scandinavian style means decorating minimally. While this style is all about keeping things simple, that also means choosing the items that you will be using carefully. The color scheme typically consists of a lot of black and white and natural brown colors but adding a pop of a single color is a popular adaptation on Scandinavian style that can help to show your personal style as well.

Scandinavian Style


The secret to decorating in a Scandinavian style is bringing your room to life using a minimal selection of colors and decorating elements. The staple colors of this style are white, white and more...ok, just kidding, black, gray, and tan are also commonly found. It is perfectly acceptable to add a pop of color to your room too. Yellow is a great choice when adding a splash of color to your room. Yellow complements the natural whites and grays found in Scandinavian design. Yellow is also a powerful color choice for the emotions that it inspires, often reminding people of sunshine and happiness. While using white for most of the larger elements in your room, adding small details in yellow, like potted flowers or a piece of art is a great way to add a happy feel to your sophisticated decor. An art piece that would be quite perfect is Nicole Ketchum's "View from Above I". The artist incorporates an array of grey, black, white, and yellow throughout the piece, creating the perfect balance of color and lightness. It is a geometric design and would go wonderfully with a black and white patterned throw rug. Pair the artwork with a crisp white matte and a thick black frame to complete your room.

Framed Scandinavian Art
Botanique en Jaune 1
Birds in Trees I
Golden Birches
Trees at Dawn II Neutral
Nature by the Lake Ferns V Gray Mist Crop
Winter River
Winter Serenity
Nordic Landscape No. 2
Blue Reflections
Tenuous II
Lavender and Wood Square I


When bring Scandinavian style into your living space, you want to consider the original intention of simplicity and comfort. You want to create a space where your family and your guests feel right at home without feeling overwhelmed by colors or decor. There are many different things to consider when going with a theme. Your furniture, your wall decor, your rugs, and your wall color are just a few. You want to impress with your modern, Scandinavian decor but you don't want to over saturate the main living areas of your home.

When picking your furniture, you want to look for neutral and muted colors. Natural and smooth wood, bright white or light beige walls and soft lighting are just a few things you should aim for when creating this style. There are a couple different art pieces that would be perfect for this theme. The first one is Cynthia Coulter's "Chevron Tile Black White II". This piece incorporates the trendy chevron striped pattern but also uses grey, white, and black as the main colors with a splash of teal and yellow. The teal and yellow are enough to bring the artwork to life but they don't take away from the main color scheme. The second piece that would look wonderful on a bright white wall is Jennifer Goldberger's "Broken Chevron II". Again, it brings in the modern chevron pattern but still uses muted, crisp colors. Pair either of these pieces with a white matte and an espresso frame to complete your living space.

Scandinavian Art Decor


Your office is a place where your brain is busy and your mind frame is key. It is a place where you need to stay focused but yet still feel at peace and Scandinavian style is the perfect look to inspire a clean and organized space for work. White walls are an easy choice for the office and give you a black palette for adding your design elements to the room. You can add a couple of small potted greenery to add a splash of life and color to your office, and also bring some of the outdoors in. Even the subtlest outdoor smells from small plants and flowers can help to invigorate you when working and keep your mind motivated. If you want your artwork to be the focal point in your office, a great piece would be Darlene Shiel's "Shell III". This piece appears very simple at first, but becomes more intriguing over time. The contrast of different white colors that the artist uses help add depth and dimension to the artwork and the beauty of the natural elements are what the Scandinavian decorating style is all about. Hang this piece on fresh white walls with a bold black frame and your Scandinavian office will be the perfect place to feel centered and achieve your everyday tasks.

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