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Framed Indigo Decor

Indigo Blue and Apple Green Art

Apple green is a bright green color that has subtle hints of yellow. It closely resembles a bright green apple. It is both soothing and invigorating as a decor color and can be used in a number of color schemes. In terms of decorating, apple green artwork has become quite popular and is incorporated in a number of subjects. Including vibrant summer leaves, brilliant orchids, spring gardens, and even modern abstract patterns, apple green artwork can be incorporated into your home in a number different ways.

Indigo blue, in comparison, is a deep, rich blue with a purple undertone. As a color that makes you feel cool and relaxed, it can compliment and balance apple green decor. While most indigo art features night skies or deep oceans and ponds, many paintings of flowers, maps, abstract masterpieces and even animal art, such as peacocks, contain various shades of indigo.

When decorating a room with both indigo and apple green colored art, you are best selecting a glossy white, silver or natural colored frame to contrast the deeper hues of the indigo and calm the vivacity of the apple green. Incorporating white or beige art and decor can also help to balance the room and unite it. These colors can be overpowering if used too often in a space. So, using apple green and/or indigo artwork with more simplistic decor is a great way to spice up your room without having the colors overpower your room.

Apple Green Compliments

Indigo Compliments

Decorate with Indigo

Framed Indigo Art

A true midnight blue with a splash of purple, indigo blue brings to mind images of night skies, dark churning waters and deep rich swirling patterns. Indigo is associated with inner-thought, intuition, meditation, creativity and wisdom. It's richness and depth make it a popular choice for decorators looking to add some inner zen to their space. As an accent color, indigo blue can be incorporated into a number of rooms, styles and designs to create a space that is playful and modern or traditional and sophisticated.

One of the best colors to complement indigo blue is apple green. If a room has apple green decor, such as pillows, plants, vases or nick nacks, using framed indigo artwork on your wall can help to give you room a more calming feel and balance out the vibrant shades of green. If your home has apple green curtains, furniture, or decor, adding indigo blue pillows or other accessories can help to make the room feel more united. Similarly, indigo and apple green artwork can be mix and matched with other colors to change up the feel and style of the room. From example, if you use indigo and apple green artwork on your walls, add some bright yellow curtains or pillows to give the room a more modern feel with a little bit of pop! If you want a more sophisticated, subtle look, choose a shade of lilac or dark red to deepen the colors and given the room a more relaxing feel.

Framed Indigo Art
Leaves in the Mist I
Sur Indigo I
Indigo World Map
Blue View II
Bluescape V
Indigo Flowers Two
Antique Seahorse on Blue I
Blue Organic II
Calm Words I Dark
The Starry Night, c.1889
Coastal Blue I
Indigo World Map

Decorate with Apple Green

Apple Green Art

While indigo blue gives off a feeling of warmth and relaxation, apple green, on the other hand, can make a room feel bright and cheerful! Green represents growth, wisdom, harmony and renewal. When most people think about the color apple green, they think of spring trees, blooming flowers, rolling landscapes, and ripe limes. This shade of green excites, thrills and brings a playful vibe into spaces. By including green apple art or decor in your home, you can brighten up a dull room or add some spunk to a new home.

Since apple green is such a vibrant shade, you need to be sure that you use the color sparingly in your decor. Having too much of any bright color can make a room seem cluttered and overwhelming. That's why using art to bring apple green into your decor is a simple and easy solution to add some fun without going over the top!

An ideal color scheme for a more traditional room with apple green would include deeper, calming tones to balance it. This is why indigo blue works so well with apple green! If you're looking for another complementary color though, try using navy blues, whites, grays and even espresso browns to play down the apple green's brightness. For a more modern, playful space, use teals, lilac purples, apricot oranges and canary yellows to give a room a modern southwestern feel with a twist! No matter what color scheme you select, your apple green or indigo artwork is sure to please!

Framed Apple Green Art
Rural Red Barn B
Citrus Charm Lemons II
Thinking Green I
Trust in the Lord Wreath
The Green Ones II
Through Silent Trees
The Forest I
Cute Tree I
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