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Black and Blue Colored Prints

About Chic Black and Blue

Black is a very trendy and versatile color. In fashion, it is a color that never goes out of style and always looks chic and sleek. When used in home decor, black can bring a sophisticated and elegant edge to a room. The beauty of black is that it is a neutral color that pairs easily with every other color. When used with light blue colors it adds a contemporary and chic feel. Pair it with gold and yellow for a glamorous look. Its versatility allows it to be used in most decor styles, from modern to country and traditional to classic. Black transcends all ages and genders and can easily be incorporated in a nursery, teenage bedroom or living room. It will not look out of place in a masculine space such as a den or man cave and works equally well in a more feminine environment. Black is like magic that can be used in any room, in any style and in any season. Depending on how it is used, black can be dramatic, stylish, chic, fun or romantic.

There are many shades of blue ranging from light baby blue through to the darker hue of indigo blue. It is a color that can be bold and bright or soft and soothing. Blue is on the cool side of the color wheel and conveys calmness and peace. This makes it an ideal color for bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. Orange and yellow are the perfect complementary and contrasting colors for blue whereas purple and green are analogous creating a more relaxing and harmonious look.

Chic Black Complements

Chic Blue Complements

Decorate with Chic Black

Chic Blue Colored Art

People think that decorating with black is dark and depressing. The reality is that a little bit of black is essential in every room. It provides a grounding effect in a room that has light and airy colors. You do not need a lot of black, just enough to tie things together. Consider a few accent pieces such as black and white photographic prints or artwork in a room with light or medium blue colored walls. Alternatively, decorate a wall with a series of photos or art pieces that are different styles and colors but all framed in black to create a unifying look. When using black as a dominant color in a room, for example on the walls, it is important to use accent colors in your accessories to give it life. Blue artwork can warm a space and soften the harshness of black. White, cream and grey are ideal if sticking to a neutral palette. Silver and gold add a glamorous sophistication. Mirrors and crystal accents will create a glitzy Hollywood vibe. Use black in abundance or moderation to bring personality and style into your home decor. Starting with framed chic black art is an easy and affordable way to introduce black into your decor.

Framed Chic Black Art
Chrysler Building on Black
New Magnum I
Wine Time
Black Chandelier II
Fashion Sense IV BW
Golden Rain I BW
Yes Queen
Dramatic White Flowers I
Dramatic World Map
Gold Stuff On Chevron I
Paris Eiffel
Heron on Black I

Decorate with Chic Blue

Chic Blue Art

Blue is the new black. Like black it is a versatile color that comes in many shades from the warm blues (like indigo blue) that contain hints of purple to cool blues (like aqua blue or teal) that have hints of green. Arrange a collection of blue themed art that is framed in white on a charcoal gray or black wall to add interest and softness. Use a piece of artwork as inspiration for decorating a room. Custom Indigo Tapestry I by Chariklia Zarris is a good example of colors that work well together. Combine cream colored walls with a navy blue couch, brown coffee table and dark hardwood floors. Add a few patterned accent pieces such as throw pillows, rugs and framed art that contain combinations of light blue, brown, beige and white to unify the space. Another example, as featured in our living room design below, is a decor inspired by the Indigo Batik series of prints. Hang three canvas art pieces above a cream colored sofa in a room with a black wall to create visual interest.

Framed Chic Blue Art
Shimmering Birches
Golden Blue II
Watercolor Bathroom I
Dark True Blue III
Sparkle Abstract II Blue
Antique Seahorse on Blue II
Azul Dotted Seashell on Navy II
Blue Plants I
Lady with Hat II
Teal Belles Square I
Blue View I
Geometrics III
Chic Blue Art
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