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Red and Yellow Colored Prints

About Canary Yellow and Fiesta Red

Color is a powerful design tool that can completely alter a room. Canary Yellow and Fiesta Red are such colors. They are from the warm side of the color wheel and are vibrant and electric. They can energize a room making it cheerful and comfortable. However, overdo them and your space will resemble a playroom.

Canary yellow is a very bright shade of yellow that has a feeling of warmth and is a welcoming color. It is perfect for lighting up a dark room or adding a pop of color to a neutral palette without going overboard. Try it in a kitchen to bring the sunshine inside. Combine it with complementary colors such as indigo blue for a contrasting look or alternatively, use analogous colors such as orange or green to create a more serene mood.

Fiesta red is a very bold and fiery color. It evokes passion and exudes energy. Tone it down with grey and black to create a grounded palette. Alternatively, pair it with yellow and white to create a happy and cheerful space that is inviting and cozy.

Canary Yellow Complements

Fiesta Red Complements

Decorate with Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow Colored Art

Canary yellow is like sunlight, strong and uplifting. Kitchens and other spaces you use first thing in the morning are a natural place to try bright yellow, as it will have a cheering effect. Yellow and black is a great color combination for nurseries. Babies love bright colors. Finish off three walls in Canary yellow and apply wallpaper with a black and white pattern on the fourth. Tone down these two colors with white or cream carpeting and accessories to create a gender neutral room that is youthful and fun. A black and yellow color combo can also create a stylish and elegant interior when used carefully. If covering your walls in such a bold color gives you cold feet, accessorize with Canary yellow. Hang a few framed prints to add a dash of yellow to neutral walls or include a couple of yellow throw pillows or lamp shades in a living room.

Framed Canary Yellow Art
Summer Field I
Sliced Lemon
Joy - Yellow Dancers
Green & Yellow Reflection I
A Sunflower from Maggie, 1937
Hot Summer Day I
Pastel Poppies I
Green & Yellow Reflection II
Tres Pears
Mandarins II
Yellow and Orange Poppies II
Brooklyn Bridge (yellow)

Decorate with Fiesta Red

Fiesta Red Art

Powder rooms are a great place to try a new vibrant color such as Fiesta Red. Do not be afraid to use bright and bold hues in small spaces. A small room can be transformed to create a stunning space without spending too much money. Cover all four walls in red leaving the ceiling white. Add a white pedestal sink or vanity, hang framed art with red and white accents and finish off with black and white zebra striped towels to create an exciting space in one of the smallest rooms in the house. Red and yellow also work well together in a traditional living room. A vibrant red accent wall can be toned down by using a softer pale yellow on the remaining walls. Transform a modern black and white living room by adding red art and throw pillows to create a glamorous and balanced design.

Framed Fiesta Red Art
Golden Hour of the Superstitions
Red Canna
Chile Fiesta
Untitled (Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red), 1949
Seated Woman
Number 3, 1967
Red Poppy Forrest II
San Remo
Red Amaryllis, 1937
Romance in Red II
Red Hot Chili Peppers I
Boston Terrier Brewing Co.
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