Red Wall Art Makes us Feel the Love

Red wall art brings more than a pop of color into the room. It actually evokes intense feelings associated with love, warmth, and comfort… but that’s not all.

Adorning your walls with art that is rich in reds and oranges can have a strong, subliminal effect on anyone who enters your home. You can use this to your advantage… if you know how.

Red Wall Art

Red Wall Art in the Play Room

The human brain’s response to the color red varies from person to person, depending on the experiences associated with the hue. But most psychologists agree that the color red evokes warmer feelings, as well as vibrant, playful, energetic vibes. What better place to set the stage for energetic play than a playroom!

Decorating a playroom with red wall art can ignite a fire in children, bringing out their most creative, vivacious side. There are many playroom themes that incorporate the color red. A framed print with a positive message can also make the room feel warm and inviting.

Red Framed Art

Red Wall Art in the Kitchen

Next time you’re looking for a place to stop for lunch, pay attention to how many restaurant signs contain the color red. Warmer hues, like red and orange, evoke feelings of hunger along with those general feelings of warmth. Decorate with red art in your kitchen, and you can do the same thing for family and friends.

Red is a color that brings people in. Invite guests into your kitchen or dining space with red wall art. Help them get excited and energized about joining together around a meal.

Red Wall Art

Red Wall Art in the Bedroom

It may go without saying that red is the color of love and passion. If you want to make your bedroom a space where love abounds, consider decorating with red wall art. Even if you’re not looking for that sort of passion, red can bring warm and comforting feelings into the room.

It’s not a coincidence that red is the color associated with Valentine’s day. But if you think about it, red is a color associated with many other holidays as well. The warmth and feeling of togetherness evoked by the color red is welcome in any space where people gather.

Red Wall Art

Red is bold. It’s warm. Red is a color that invites energy and hunger, in many forms. Wall art that showcases red doesn’t just fit in the rooms we mentioned, but any room in the house. Find a piece that speaks to you. Find art that strikes you, grabs you, and evokes an intensity in you. You won’t regret taking the bold step into the passionate realm of red.