Butterfly Art Releases the Magic of Flight

Butterfly art has been a popular choice for bedroom and sunroom decor as long as decorators have been decorating. The colorful, delicate wings of the butterfly are the perfect symbol of fragile hope. The bright movement of wings also ushers in the magic of flight.

Whether in prints, photographs, or even paintings, butterfly art is a popular choice. This may be because it fits well with a variety of room themes and color schemes. Butterfly art is also always changing! Artists frequently come up with more creative ways to put the stunning insect on display.

Butterfly Art in the Bedroom and Beyond

Butterflies are beautiful to behold without any artistic editing or manipulation at all. It’s rare to encounter a subject as naturally and universally appealing as the butterfly. This may be why it’s such a popular choice for wall decoration. You may think that butterfly art is a natural choice for the bedroom, a room that often houses intimacy and delicate beauty. This is true. But there are many other household locations that are equally perfect for the presence of the butterfly.

These delicate creatures are often associated with a certain lightness and sweetness, making them a fantastic choice for kitchen decor. Kitchens are also frequently a room that has fewer or smaller windows. A framed print of a beautiful outdoor scene adorned with butterflies can serve as a window substitute, lightening the room without any natural light.

Maybe a less obvious choice, but butterfly art works well in bathrooms as well. Pair butterfly art with a scented candle or decorative dish. Butterflies naturally give off a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, which can serve a bathroom well.

Linguistic Wings: The Butterfly Alphabet

Butterfly wings are incredibly unique in their color and design. They often depict curves, lines, and blocks of color that can’t be found naturally anywhere else in nature. Within these unique patterns, it is natural to catch a glimpse of a certain letter within the intersecting lines.

“Found letter art” has become increasingly popular. Framed photo collages with words made from intersecting tree branches, the arches of bridges, or the veins of leaves are a unique and creative way to put names or valued words on display. Why not use butterflies?

A hallway or larger open space is a great place to try a photo group of butterfly wings, spelling out a single special word in an intricate, one-of-a-kind way.

Butterfly Art in Every Color

As stated before, butterfly art is a popular choice for wall decoration because you can find it in virtually every color. No matter which walls you want to compliment or which furniture you wish to match, you will likely find multiple butterfly images that fit the bill.

Some popular choices include:

A Pop of Bright Red Color

Looking for a stand-out conversation piece? Louisa’s Red Butterfly is the perfect flash of red for an ordinary wall.

The Calm of Deep Purple

The color purple can have a calming effect in a room, especially the natural, deep purple of Spring Song by Ricki Mountain.

Lighten a Room with Sky Blue

In a room that is lacking in outdoor views (like the kitchen situation we mentioned before), the wings of the azure butterfly can add a bright, cheerful blue to the walls of a room.

A Slice of Sun with Bright Orange

If you live in an area that gets limited sun especially during the winter months, bright yellow butterfly art can be a stand-in surrogate sun, and brighten the mood even when the weather gets dreary.

Butterfly art is a versatile option for wall decor in any area of the home. If you’re seeking a pop of color, a creative way to spell a surname, or just a light and airy addition to a darker area of the home, look no further than the fluttering wings of the butterfly.

If you’re looking for something modern and different, check out this modern piece by Liz Jardine: