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Framed Duck Hunting Prints

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4 Items
Framed Duck Hunters
Duck Hunters
by Leo Stans
25" x 19" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $168.29 
Framed Canvasback and Wood Duck
Canvasback and Wood Duck
by Kathleen Cope Ruoss
23" x 18" Frame
Price: $172.79 
Framed Web Foot Hunting
Web Foot Hunting
by Robert Settle
13" x 14" Frame
Price: $114.29 
Framed Time to Hunt I
Time to Hunt I
by Julie DeRice
25" x 30" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $230.39 
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4 Items

Framed Duck Hunting Art

Waterfowl hunting is not a modern invention and people have been hunting ducks for centuries, but today commercial waterfowl hunting is largely prohibited in most Western countries. As an outdoor sporting activity, it has plenty of fans, with the hunting seasons being overlapping for numerous types of ducks and geese. FramedArt.com has assembled an entire assortment of Framed Duck Hunting Art depicting the hunters as they stalk prey, or celebrate a good day’s hunt.
Framed Duck Hunting Art also highlights the evolution of this activity, with average hunters using decoys and dogs to improve their chances to succeed. Centuries ago, basic shotguns were used and they were gradually replaced with flintlock shotguns and eventually with percussion guns. As the popularity of this activity grew in the 19th century, the weaponry became more advanced and as a result the hunters enjoyed better harvests while their accuracy was greatly improved.

The reason for why Framed Duck Hunting Art depicts the hunters going about their activity in such a diversity of landscapes is that waterfowl can be hunted in various places. Lakes, rivers and ponds are the most common places for this activity, although they can also be hunted in the crop fields where they feed. The introduction of dogs for duck hunting also improved the effectiveness of hunters, well before shotguns rendered the man’s best friend less important. The techniques used on both sides of the Atlantic built on the early tactics and got to work clockwork, yet duck hunting is nowadays strictly regulated.
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Framed Hunt Crop
Hunt Crop
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