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Framed Baseball Player Posters

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Framed Willie Mays Statue In AT&T Park, San Francisco, California
Willie Mays Statue In AT&T Park, San Francisco, California
by Panoramic Images
25" x 32" Frame
Price: $307.99 
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1 Item

Framed Baseball Player Art

Baseball is a team game, in which every single player has an important role to play and victory belongs to those who have outstanding synergy. Nevertheless, some players stand out from the crowd and their effort is celebrated in framed baseball players posters, with FramedArt.com being the ultimate provider. The game is being won by scoring more runs than the opposing team, which explains why sluggers are so important, but outstanding pitching usually wins games.
Many of the athletes that enjoyed ample coverage in the framed baseball players posters are starting pitchers, who throw the ball at dazzling speeds. There are also the ones who have the bigger salaries and sometimes they single-handedly win matches, while their absence is always direly missed. Major League Baseball underwent several changes and was not scandal-free, but the number of fans kept growing and the late 40s and early 50s was a great time for the game.

The memorable image of Babe Ruth bowing out in 1948, Joe DiMaggio sliding into third or Jackie Robinson stealing base in 1953, are all depicted in framed baseball players posters. The black-and-white images captured the very fragrance of that time and bring to life some of the moments that had a huge impact on the game. Close up pictures of Babe Ruth wearing the Red Sox jersey, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio batting or Mickey Mantle with bat looking at his right are equally impressive and are a must have for any collector.
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