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Framed Greenhouse Art

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5 Items
Framed Glass House I
Glass House I
by Grace Popp
25" x 25" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $272.49 
Framed View From the Conservatory
View From the Conservatory
by Mark Hampton
10" x 12" Frame
Price: $150.99 
Framed Pergola Basket
Pergola Basket
by Meg Mccomb
22" x 30" Frame
Price: $296.99 
Framed Welcome to My Garden
Welcome to My Garden
by Annie Lapoint
19" x 24" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $190.99 
Framed Flowers in a Greenhouse, 1864
Flowers in a Greenhouse, 1864
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
22" x 28" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $251.99 
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5 Items

Framed Greenhouse Posters

Lots of gardeners like to spend their time inside a greenhouse with their precious plants and through art they can have that feel in their home or office every day. Artists have taken their talents and created beautiful framed greenhouse art that the most discerning art lover can’t help but to admire.

Three very popular framed greenhouse art paintings are “Conservatory”, “Garden Atrium II”, and “Veranda de la Princesse Mathilde”. These three pieces are done by artists Piet Bekaert, Vera Oxley, and Charles Giraud. There is a great amount of detail to each piece and the uniqueness of each artist stands out on the canvas.
Karen McLean-McGaw has a piece titled “Tranquil Reflections” that is one of the most beautiful framed greenhouse art pieces available in the art world. Her cool use of color and attention to detail make one feel as though they could step into the painting and be lost in a world of relaxation and calmness. “Conservatory II” by J.B. Jeffrey is another painting that has great detail and as you look at it you can almost hear the water of the fountain running.

Diane Romanello takes a romantic approach with her greenhouse art with the piece “Garden Room”. This painting shows a romantic table set for two amongst the greenery of the plants which makes the red roses on the table really stand out and demand to be noticed. As far back as 1864 Pierre-Auguste Renoir used the greenhouse in his painting “Flowers in a Greenhouse” which is still quite popular.
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Framed Artist's Garden in Argenteuil
Artist's Garden in Argenteuil
by Claude Monet
26" x 21"
Price: $282.99
Sale: $254.49
Framed Garten von Montgeron
Garten von Montgeron
by Claude Monet
38" x 30"
Price: $449.99
Sale: $404.99
Framed Waterlily Pond with the Japanese Bridge, 1899
Waterlily Pond with the Japanese Bridge, 1899
by Claude Monet
23" x 22"
Price: $277.99
Sale: $249.99
Framed Garden Cat
Garden Cat
by Greg Gawlowski
23" x 27"
Price: $295.99
Sale: $266.49
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