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Framed Dracula Posters

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Framed Dracula
29" x 18" Frame
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Price: $188.99 
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Framed Dracula Art

Legends about vampires have been around for thousands of years and since ancient times, people were terrified by the supernatural creatures. The bloodthirsty demons have appeared in paintings, sculptures and drawings over the centuries, but they were brought back in the spotlight at the end of the 19th century by Bram Stoker. His book was a tremendous success and inspired others to write on this topic, with FramedArt.com providing fans of the genre with a nice assortment of Framed Dracula Posters.
At the time at which Stocker wrote his book, the story was fresh and it sent shockwaves while generating a cult following. Count Dracula emerged as a powerful character and over the decades, it was assigned to different literary genres, ranging from horror fiction to vampire literature and Gothic novels. Framed Dracula Posters focus on the visuals and with the nightmarish creature being depicted in different ways since 1897, the collection is impressive.

While the novel was supposed to shock the audience and even keep readers awake at night, it also touched on sensitive issues. The book set the standards for vampire stories and for many years, all the novels and movies revolving around these creatures were compared to Dracula. Interesting enough, it was not a major success right from the start, but it gradually grew on the audience. It spawned a bundle of theatrical and film interpretations, but only the finest ones are celebrated in Framed Dracula Posters.
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