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Framed Salsa Art

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Framed Salsa
by Jennifer Goldberger
19" x 26" Frame
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Price: $207.09 
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1 Item

Framed Salsa Dance Art

Salsa is a popular dance that was made famous in New York, in 1970s, and was influenced by dances from Latin America, specifically Cuba and Puerto Rico. It was made as a mixture of different dancing styles. Salsa is a social dance and is performed in couples and its name means “sauce” in Latin American countries, because it is made out by mixing different styles, as would sauces be mixed by adding different ingredients. Also, adding different elements to salsa became common in the modern dance styles. Mostly, different styles are related to different geographical regions, but some of the general styles include Colombian, Cuban, Miami, Rueda de Casino, Los Angeles and New York style. Framed Salsa dancing poses art can really awaken the emotions of movement and intimacy that this great dance can create.
When dancing Salsa, the arms are used to communicate with the dancing partner. The position of arms can be open, when holding one or both hands, or closed, when hands are on the back or the shoulders. Depending on the different styles, different beats and speeds are practiced by the dancers. Salsa is represented as one of the modern and popular dances, and more people are starting to enjoy the energetic movement style that this dance has to offer. The quality of the dance is based on the facts that dancing partners are needed to be well rehearsed and synched. If you like this great and energetic dance that is based on synergy of dancing partners, then getting a framed Salsa dance art print is the best choice of decoration for your home space.
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