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Framed Bill Murray Posters

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2 Items
Framed Bill 1
Bill 1
by Aron Stein
25" x 31" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $320.99 
Sale: $160.49
Framed Bill 2
Bill 2
by Aron Stein
25" x 31" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $320.99 
Sale: $160.49
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2 Items

Framed Bill Murray Art

Bill Murray is one of the American actors that rose to stardom after his performance in Saturday Night Live, which also resulted in an Emmy Award. Known mostly for his roles in comedy films, Bill is a versatile actor who proved his skills in more serious films, some of them remembered by FramedArt.com through Framed Bill Murray Posters.

His acting career took off in the early 80s, with the Ghostbusters movie of 1984 being by far the best film of the decade in which he starred.
Framed Bill Murray Posters depict the actor in a memorable role in Groundhog Day of 1993, which followed two years after the successful party What About Bob? While there were no groundbreaking movies featuring him in the 90s, Murray steps back in the spotlight in 2003 with his performance in Lost in Translation. The movie was well received by the critics as well as the movie watchers, with Bill and Scarlett Johansson being nominated for multiple awards.

Bill Murray is yet to win an Academy Award and so far only received one nomination, but he featured in several movies that won the coveted trophy. The Grand Budapest Hotel of 2014 is a shining example, as the movie garnered nine nominations and won four trophies. Even though the awards were given for production design, original score, costume design and makeup and hair styling, the lead actors were impeccable. Those who liked the movie and their performance can showcase their appreciation through Framed Bill Murray Posters.
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