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Framed Monster Movie Posters

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Framed My First Xenomorph
My First Xenomorph
by Michael Buxton
19" x 22" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $175.99 
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Framed Monster Movie Art

Thousands of years ago when science was nonexistent and people had a hard time explaining natural phenomena and had little understanding of the creatures populating the world, monsters were spotted everywhere. Virtually all animals are now known, yet the fascination for monsters is every bit as alive in all countries and exploited by movies and TV series. Many of these films have no artistic value, but the ones who do, have Framed Monster Movie Posters dedicated to them by FramedArt.com.
In the vast majority of monster movies, the creatures are oversized and menacing, but there are exceptions to the rule such as King Kong. Their sheer size and strength is sometimes the only problem as not all monsters are hell-bent on destroying humankind, which explains why viewers empathize with them. Setting up a comprehensive collection of Framed Monster Movie Posters can be time-consuming but also rewarding and there are hundreds of films dedicated to this genre.

The narratives are diverse, but in most films, humans join forces in their attempt of stopping the monsters, with the latter fighting back frantically. Aliens can also be included in this category albeit not all of them, but most of the monsters are actually creatures that have been hiding on earth for millennia or were created by crazy scientists. Regardless of their background and intentions, they end up antagonizing humans and the movies abound in special effects, some captured in Framed Monster Movie Posters.
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