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Framed Casablanca Posters

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Framed Casablanca Watercolor
Casablanca Watercolor
by Naxart
26" x 32" Frame
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Price: $335.99 
Sale: $335.99
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Framed Casablanca Art

One of the best movies ever produced, Casablanca passed the test of time with flying colors and since 1942 it featured in all important lists mentioning great films. The action is set during the Second World War, yet the vast majority of Framed Casablanca Posters are available in vibrant colors, not black and white.

FramedArt.com focuses mostly on the lead characters, with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart being the protagonist of this celebrated film.
The iconic sites of the Moroccan city of Casablanca are also brought to life by Framed Casablanca Posters, with the fans of the film recognizing them at one glance. The movie had an impressive cast, but the seemingly ordinary story didn’t entitle producers to expect something extraordinary. The success of the film took everyone by surprise and after its release in the last months of 1942, it received great reviews, while bringing tens of thousands of movie fans to the theaters.

Not surprisingly, the movie was nominated for several Academy Awards and won three Oscars, making it one of the best films of the decade. The psychological impact was tremendous, as the World War was raging in Europe at the time, but the film is still a pleasure to enjoy more than half a century later. Framed Casablanca Posters keep the iconic characters and memorable lines alive, while providing those who haven’t seen the movie with the impetus to watch it and draw their own conclusions.
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