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How to Properly Clean Your Artwork:

Framed art is one of the more common decor types used worldwide. It easily collects dirt and dust buildup due to it not being moved often. It's good to include artwork when doing your spring cleaning or just a quick dust. Keeping artwork clean will make it look better and last longer. Staying away from harsh chemical products and following these below tips will help avoid damages to your artwork and ensure longevity.

Cleaning Your Framed Artwork

Frames come in a lot of different material types and have different finishes to give them a unique look. If you clean the frames on your artwork with strong chemical products, it will break down the finish overtime and take away from the frame's unique look. We recommend different ways to clean the glass on your art vs the frame around your art.

To clean the frame on your finished piece, you can simply use a dry wool cloth or an average feather duster. This will remove dust buildup off the frame and give it a refreshed look! You can clean the glass part of the frame finish just like any other glass in your home. Spray a lint-free, clean cloth with glass cleaner and wipe down the glass. This should remove dust, dirt, finger prints and smudges.

DIY Clean Your Frame

Cleaning Your Canvas Art

The most important things to avoid when cleaning your canvas artwork is using strong chemical products and getting too much water or harsh soaps on it. All of these will can mess up the canvas. To clean your canvas art, we recommend first trying to dust it. A lot of canvas art cleaning jobs can be done simply by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth or duster. For tougher cleaning jobs, gently wipe the canvas with a damp, soft cloth. You can get the cloth damp with warm water and mild soap. With these cleaning tips, you can keep your canvas looking new!

DIY Clean Your Canvas
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