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Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Buying gifts for your toddler or baby may not seem all that difficult, after all, they cannot talk, or express what their personal tastes are, they are still developing them, however the task of buying the right gift for them can be as challenging as buying a gift for anyone. You want to start them off on the right path with the right tools to make their minds blossom and grow each and every day.

Framed Gifts for Toddlers

Art Gifts for Babies

Making the gift personal is very important at this stage. Many may feel that getting them whatever is available is fine, but they are young and developing, and have unique personalities from the moment that they are born, for example a boy may have an instant love for cars and trucks an almost innate interest or a little girl will gravitate towards painting and other crafts. Foster that and make that work of art, or canvas piece fit that unique fire inside. You can tailor those print art and frame to his or her color scheme and bring the whole room together, and when the art is classic and timeless it will last forever, and can even transition as he or she grows into a young adult. Putting a fine piece in their rooms will begin them on the path to enrichment.

For Their Playroom

Fine art for a playroom can be a wonderful addition, and when your toddler has play dates you can rest assured that your guests will revel in awe at the fine art and how it compliments the rooms color scheme and furniture. This art can be both playful and educational to help your toddler grow and learn as she plays. When you find a piece that has a great wood accent frame it will make his playroom complete and whole.

For Their Bedroom

Your toddler’s bedroom is a place of rest and the place of relaxation. Choosing art work for this room is important, and will help your toddler or young baby develop and grow. Adding rich textures and deep patterns will help her motor and sensory nerves develop. She will grow to appreciate the fine things in life because she grew up within a room that blends style and creativity. Surrounding her in wood and canvas art is a truly wonderful way to say you love her.

Using Colors And Series

Decorating with series pieces for toddlers and babies is a great way to run a particular theme throughout the room or play area. They can be of a specific color series or a pattern and it can run the gamut. In choosing you need to make sure that the frame blends with the furniture and wall paint color and that is compliments the overall motif. Choosing an educational theme or a color series is your choice, but it will help your little one grow to appreciate fine art.

Gift Ideas for Him
For the New Baby Girl
To the Moon
Hoot Pink VI
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Pink and Green
Baby Girl Animal Quilt
Sleeping Baby III - Frog
Rainbow Rider
Bushel and A Peck
Groovy Elephant
Baby Quilt I
Ballet Dancer
For the New Baby Boy
Monster Truck Graphic Green Part I
Baby Blue
Far and Away I
Peek-A-Boo V Mouse
Hold Him A Little Longer Blue Palette
August's Wish IV
Baby Boy Animal Quilt
Sailboat Adventure I
Jar Of Wishes Blue
For the Little Animal
Dinopolooza IX
Best Friends- Elephants
You Make Me Feel so Young
Dream Walker
Best Friends- Owl
Rainbow Fish VI
It's Going To Be a Good Day
Jungle Buddies
Jungle Jamboree IV
Up, Up and Away II
For the Sleepy Tyke
Childhood I
The Wheels on the Bus
Chalkboard Nursery Rhymes I
Hickory Dickory Dock
Twinkle Twinkle 2
Cat & Fiddle
Sweet Sayings II
Twinkle Love
The Cat & The Fiddle
Purple Cow
Little Bo Peep
Rhymes I
For the Cuddly Kid
Teddy Bear Storytime
Number One
Bear Lullaby
Teddy Bear and Ball
Teddy Can Never Decide Which Season He Is
Bear Sunshine
Bear on Motorcycle
Follow Your Dreams
Child Toys II
Mother Bear's Love I
Ballerina Bears, I
For the Kid that Keeps on Truckin'
Big Tow Company
Front View Trucks Set I - Teal
Fire Emergency X
Dump Truck
Keep on Trucking
Happy Hauling
Blue Truck
Owl in Firetruck and Squirrel
4x4 Truck
Charlie's Dumptruck
Fire Truck
For the Little Speedster
Take Me
Pop Art Deco Race Car Toy
Vintage Racing 3
Racing Car
Red Car
Race Car
Race Car 6
57 Chevy
Vintage Racing 2
Car Baba
For the Littlest Flower Girl
Watercolor Graphite Flower II
Dainty Daisies III
Groovy Blooms I
Poppies Tempo I
Monet's Peony I
Hummingbird And Bees
Tribal Giraffe Portrait
Pink Peony Flower
Paper Flower II
Flower Power IV
Pink Flower Love Heart
For the Pretty Little Princess
Ice Queen
Ma Petite Princesse
Little Flower Princess
Princess Sleeps Here - mini
God's Little Princess
Princess Rules Soft
Princess 2
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