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Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Shopping for teen girls is as enigmatic an endeavor you can undertake. If you know what is in their mind you are lucky, that is what makes buying gifts for them challenging and hard to do. You must keep in mind that teen girls fads, trends, and desires change on a whim at times and finding that true lasting gift is hard to do, you must be part sage and part detective to find out what she wants.

Framed Gifts for Teen Girls

Art Gifts for Teenage Girls

Teen girls value the personal and thoughtful gift as much as anything, getting them something impersonal and run the risk of their wrath. Here are a few things to consider when picking out that perfect piece of art for her. Pay close attention to her style and how she keeps her room, a room is a girls sanctuary, and her world, you will need to pick the piece of art that is personal to her and her style. A fine piece of art well framed to match her room will win you big points and have you well on the way to legendary gift giving status. Gifts that stand the test of time will be with her for a long time, and she can use it to transition into a more mature and grown up style, transcending those turbulent teen years.

For the Free Spirit

A gift of art that will last forever is a true hit. A timeless piece of art that is complementary to her rooms color scheme and furniture will go a long way, and last a long time to come. See more teen girl art!

For the Indie Chick
Bohemian Rising II no Border Free Spirit
Spirit Stallion II Square
Garden Goat I
Klimt Giraffe II
Boho Elephant Square
Make Art Not War
Goat Bohemian 2 Book Print
Oddity II
India - Fly TWA
Mandala in Blue I
Blue Peacock on Gold
Moroccan Tiles VII

Words That Inspire Her

Teen girls are often inspired by words and phrases, and a well thought out print or canvas art piece will give her those words of inspiration that she can use everyday; combined with a well thought out frame can make it complete. Words of wisdom from her favorite poet or songwriter can put her in a great mood that can carry the day. With a strong saying coupled with a color scheme that melds with her personal style will last a lifetime. See more framed word art for girls!

For the Girl that Likes to Gab
Be a Pineapple
Live Life Colorfully
I Am Enough
Beautiful Butterfly (words)
Great Things -Van Gogh Quote 2
The Earth Without Art Is Just Eh - Colorful Splash
Inspire 2
Everybody is a Genius
Bee Happy
Be a Flamingo
Live Laugh Love In The Sand
Dream Big - Pink Truck and Flowers

Gift Ideas for Him
For the Wanderer
Wanderlust Definition
Life is an Adventure
Retro Cities III
Free Spirit
Bohemian Rising II no Border Free Spirit
Travel More
Get Lost
Let the Adventure Begin
For The Long Run
Explore Dream Discover
Floral Day
For the Sports Girl
Success Soccer Quote
Basketball Girl Watercolor Silhouette Inverted Part IV
No Time Limit No Speed Limit No Dream Limit Pink Shoes
Teal Softball on White
Women's Golf
Volleyball Text
Softball Quote - White on Teal
Woman Skateboarder
The Water is My Sky
Yoga Quote
Sports Girl Soccer
For the Glamorous Girl
Golden Paris I
Botanical Gold on Black II
Rise and Shine
Black and Gold Pineapples
Golden Lips
Open Arms Gold
Gilded Paris
Faux Gold For Like Ever
Black n Gold
Heart of Gold 1V
Love Letters Gold
Gold Love
For the Girly Girl
Peacock Glory VI
Surfs Up V
Bonjour de Paris II
Colorful Fashion I - London
Bathing Beauties IV Pastel
Floral Beauties I
A Love Heart
Peony II
Pink Passion
Windy II
For the Colorful Personality
Eames Yellow Elephant 2
Smarty-Pants Giraffe
We Are the World
La Vie en Rose
Work Hard Play Harder
Colorful African Lion
Hip Llama III
Paris Watercolor Skyline
Chanel All Colors Chic
Four-eyed Forester I
Lennon Front
For the Future Photographer
Iris, Japanese X-Ray
This Is My Happy Place (Beach)
Hello Gorgeous Giraffe
Pretty in Paris
Miami Sam
Spider Mum
Boston at night (Black And White)
Wander I
Ocean Dreamer
Photograph of street signs in Paris
Ocean Breeze I
For the Talented Musician
Rockin' Kitten
Groovy Treble Clef
Rockin' Kitten
If Music Be The Food Of Love Shakespeare Musical Instruments
Chroma Stereo V
Music Makes Everything Better
Lets Listen to Music II
Kick It
I Like to Play 4
Turn It Up
Retro Desktop Headphones v2
For the Young Yogi
Yoga Pose I
With Basia
Namaste Home I
Namaste Lotus
Meditating Mind
Yin-Yang Mudra
Bliss II
Gypsy Yoga V1 3
Yoga Words
Yoga Quote
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