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Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Teen boys are full of spirit and wonder, they are into sports and gaming and have a love for the world, everything is new and all things are possible. Buying the right gift for him be challenging if you do not know what to get him, but his tastes and interests are usually pretty well set. The challenge can be the fit to his tastes. Gifts of are a perfect way to show you care.

Framed Gifts for Teen Boys

Gifts Ideas for Teen Boys

Gifts of art should be personal, and fit the decor of the room; a fine piece of art can compliment the room and make it complete. Some teen boys rooms can be quite crazy, and messy, but the art in there does not have to be, you can still make a piece fit the rooms style whether crazy or clean, look at the room and decide if you can make it complete with a fine piece of wall art, or a frame to fit the furniture. The most difficult thing is trying to find that true piece for him, which will compliment his individual style and unique point of view. Once he has that complete piece of art he will be able to cherish it for years to come, and pass it down from generation to generation.

Teen Boy Art

Teen boys dream of the stars and the moon, not in abstract terms, but in real, I want to be and astronaut and travel to the stars, a great work of art, framed and made to perfection can capture his dreams and remind him that going for the top is an achievable goal and that the stars are in reach. You can find rich black frames to accent the deep blue space and bright white stars. See more art for teen boys!

For the Teen Boy's Room
Music On, World Off Headphones Black Background
Retro Subway I
Football 2
Eat Stop Pizza
Let's Game
Strength of the Team
Gamer Zone
The Need for Speed
Gamer Control Issues
Stay Positive

If He Loves Sports

If your teen is into sports you cannot miss with a classic sports print or canvas match that with a wood frame. Whether it is baseball or football, a classic and well thought out piece of wall art can make his room a place to find his passion. Perhaps his passion is golf, a good print of green grass with a mahogany frame can make him feel like he is on the links and hitting a hole in one. See more framed sports art for boys!

For the Skateboarder
Green Skateboard
Extreme Air II
Blue Steel Gap
Skater II
Element Skateboard
Skate Or Die
Goncalo Skate Arruda
Skateboarding Black And White
The Great Jump
Got Jesus Skateboard
Skater in Florence

Gift Ideas for Him
For the Music Enthusiast
Bob Watercolor
Rock Concert II
Jerry Garcia
Turn It Up
Jimi Color
Violin 2
Drop The Beat - Black and White
Lunastrella Radio
Classic Guitar Detail V
For the Surfer
Surfs Up
Pier Group
Surfer on the ocean
Green Room
Surfer Van
Silhouette of surfers standing on the beach, Australia (black and white)
Frames of Travel VI
Surfer at Sunset, St Kilda Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand
Time Out 11
Surf Journal I
For the Rad Dude
Robo Kong
Love Each Other III
The Great Monster off Kanagawa
License Plate Map USA IV
The Big Lineup
Red Black Drama
The Gas-Works Wall
Shoe Pop Art 1
CMYK The Creation Of Retro
Orange Manhattan
Vintage VW Bus
Urban Beat
For the Graffiti Artist
Bethlehem Wall Graffiti
Take the E-Train
Spiritual Graffiti I
Rage and Roth Rat Fink
Chimp in Cage
Brain Soup 1
Empire Graff
Leggo Man Graffiti - Israel
Where The Night Falls
For the Photography Buff
Under the Bridge
Wanderlust Rainier Creek
Pacific 6:00 AM
Montrose Street (b/w)
Manhattan Bridge with Tug Boat
Attitude - Snow Boarder
Financial District
Party Ralph
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Gotham Grandeur
For the World Traveler
Type Map - World
Map with Flag Overlay Italy
New York Collection-Bronx
Manhattan Map Blue Brown
States of text
Fifty States, One Nation
Close-up of a world map - black
USA Flag Map
Water World I
Color Map
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