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Framed Large Photography

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4 Items
Framed Twilight Skyline
Twilight Skyline
by Timothy Craig
31" x 25" Frame
Price: $246.59 
Framed Twilight Skyline
Twilight Skyline
by Timothy Craig
23" x 19" Frame
Price: $164.69 
Framed Solitude
by David Lorenz Winston
37" x 53" Frame
Price: $829.79 
Framed Detail depicting the deceased and his Ba
Detail depicting the deceased and his Ba
28" x 19" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $169.19 
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4 Items

Framed Oversized Photography

Early photography was monochromatic, such as the many black and white images from previous eras, as well as things like cyanotype, which works in shades of blue instead of gray. The availability of the full color spectrum revolutionized photography has made framed large color photos prized items by many art collectors. Having more colors available to photographers enables them to add a different dimension to their work. In the case of black and white photography, there is frequently an emphasis on shapes and lines. With framed large color images, artists use the widened color palette to emphasize something specific. Water is a popular subject, since clean natural water usually has a very pleasing color. “Island Hopping” by Dan Mackin and “Escapism” by Mike Sullivan show bright blue waters and golden beaches. “Marshall II” by Amy Melious shows water with a silvery cast, such as a lake might look at sunrise or sunset.
The sun and sky are also frequently portrayed in framed large color pictures. Michelle Mara’s “Possibilities - Lighthouse at Sunset” shows the sun just about to disappear over the horizon, which floods the sky and the water with shades of red and orange, as well as putting the lighthouse itself in silhouette. “Paradise” shows a bright blue sky behind two palm trees with a hammock strung between them.

Since flowers and other plants are often distinguished from each other in part by color, they are frequently seen in these types of images. “Sunflower Fireworks” by Robert Mertens emphasizes the color contrast between red, yellow, and purple flowers, while “Alstromeria” by Steven N. Meyers focuses on the flowing appearance of the chosen flower’s petals.
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Framed Pates Baroni, 1921
Pates Baroni, 1921
by Leonetto Cappiello
29" x 37"
Price: $412.99
Sale: $371.69
Framed Chicago World's Fair 1933
Chicago World's Fair 1933
by Glen C. Sheffer
30" x 38"
Price: $425.99
Sale: $383.39
Framed Morning Meadow II
Morning Meadow II
by Tava Studios
43" x 19"
Price: $327.99
Sale: $295.19
Framed Celestial I
Celestial I
by Tava Studios
43" x 31"
Price: $412.99
Sale: $371.69
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