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Jim Zuckerman Art

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Jim Zuckerman was a medical student but he left his medical studies in 1970 to pursue his love of photography. He was so passionate about photography that he turned it into a full time career. He’s an innovative photographer who’s known for creating captivating works which are full of energy. Zuckerman can never imagine life without art. He has taught creative photography at many private schools and universities, including Kent State University UCLA, the Palm Beach Photographic Center, and the Hallmark School of Photography. Extraordinary versatile in his mediums, he’s is a photographer whose path in art has led him to a unique expression of color and mood. He leads many international photo excursions to striking destinations such as Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Indonesia, China, Burma, India, Ethiopia, Turkey and Eastern Europe. Zuckerman’s images give expression insight to personal interest and creativity, and they begin spontaneously. His works have been used for editorial layouts, advertizing and packaging in more than 40 countries, and the works are sold as fine art prints in Ikea and hundreds of other furniture store outlets. His photo features, images, and articles have been published in numerous magazines and books including publications of the National Geographic Society, Life Magazine, Greece’s Opticon Time-Life books, Outdoor Photographer, Omni Magazine, Science Fiction Age, Conde Nast Traveler, Shutterbug, and Australia’s Photo World. Zuckerman says that he leaves the dark side of life to other photographers and only photographs beauty. He produces his art in a variety of finishing options including framed Jim Zuckerman art which are very popular with many collectors.
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