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Jacopo Zucchi Art

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Framed Age of Gold
Age of Gold
by Jacopo Zucchi
23" x 27" Frame
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Jacopo Zucchi (Born 1541) was active in Florence and Rome. He was a painter of the Mannerist style. He trained in Giorgio Vasari’s studio and participated in decoration of the Salone dei Cinquecento and the Studiolo in the Palazzo Vecchio. In the early 1570s, he moved to Rome where he worked for the Cardinal Ferdinando de' Medici in his Palazzo Firenze. Along with his brother Francesco, Zucchi also helped decorate and the dome of Santo Spirito and the apse in Sassia with a fresco of the Pentecost. His brother became a great mosaicist; he died in 1621. Two of Zucchi’s canvases, representing the Resurrection and Ascension, can be found in the church of San Lorenzo Martire in San Lorenzo Nuovo. Zucchi also painted the grand salon of Ruspoli (formerly Rucellai) palace in Rome with mythologic genealogies. His artwork made and still makes people to think as it played with their perception of well-known art. He used to manipulate the concept, and on one level, the original art ceased to exist but a piece that stirred people’s emotions and feelings. The paintings he did in Rome for Ferdinando including The Age of Gold, The Age of Iron, and the Age of Silver are all in the Uffizi Gallery now. Zucchi’s work was much influenced by Michelangelo and he helped with the decorations of his funeral. Zucchi relocated to Rome in 1572 and he was appointed to the Medici court of Cardinal Ferdinando I de’Medici. His art are in great demand today, especially the ready to hang framed Jacopo Zucchi art.
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