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Francesco Zuccarelli Art

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Framed Landscape with Shepherds Resting Under a Tree by a Cascade
Landscape with Shepherds Resting Under a Tree by a Cascade
by Francesco Zuccarelli
28" x 23" Frame
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Price: $275.99 
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Francesco Zuccarelli (1702 – 1788) was an Italian painter of the late Rococo or Baroque period. He influenced 18th-century English landscape painting. He is best known for his Arcadian landscapes which became so popular in Venice and later in England where he resided for two extended periods. Zuccarelli became a founding member of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1768, and upon his final return to Italy, he was elected president of the Venetian Academy. The classical pastoral character, atmospheric light, and facile technique that typify his picturesque landscapes of Arcadia were especially appealing to the English. At the end of 1752, Zuccarelli visited England twice: remaining for ten years with great success at painting landscapes. Apart from his landscape paintings, he also executed a few religious paintings, innumerable drawings, tapestry designs and engravings. Zuccarelli completed his first commission in the years 1724 -27 in Pitigliano; this consisted of a pair of chapel altarpieces. In 1732, Zuccarelli relocated to Venice after a stay of several months in Bologna. He continued to paint mythological and religious works, and he increasingly devoted his output to landscapes. Before his arrival in the Republic in 1730, Marco Ricci’s death had created for him an opening in the field of landscape painting in a marketplace that was crowded with history painters. He grabbed this opportunity, and his unique blend of Arcadia and countryside quickly attained success. He produced art in a variety of finishing options, among them the ready to hang framed Francesco Zuccarelli art which were very popular with collectors then and even today.
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