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Zig Art

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Framed Casino de Paris/Mistinguett
Casino de Paris/Mistinguett
by Zig
23" x 43" Frame
Price: $344.69 
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1 Item
Zig is a contemporary artist who’s known for his diametrically opposed themes. His style crosses the boundaries of modern technology and classical art. Zig has participated in many art exhibitions where his art has featured very prominently. He has also participated in many art shows to help improve his skills. Some of the shows he has participated in include Pop Up - Delaney Cook Gallery - Sag Harbor, Antagonist Art Movement – NYC, Zigs Underground - Tilles Center, Transfiguration - PT. Jefferson NY, Li Pulse Artist VIP List, Essential - Soho Show NYC, Pixelicious - Mistretta Gallery NY, Spacial Relativity - Li, NY, among others. His pieces of art are owned by galleries, private collectors and museums around the world. His pieces often incorporate the elements of art that he admires. Many of Zig’s art are inspired by the memories of his childhood and also of the places he has visited. Ready to hang framed Zig art are highly priced by many corporate and private collectors. Looking at his art, the informed viewer will more deeply affected by his pieces or the viewer will most likely respond with humor. Zig has continued to follow his artistic tendencies and has produced an array of delightful high quality and fine originals. His art is greatly influenced by society’s increasing commercialization. Zig weaves together the visual language of the media driven realities of the modern world and fine art into a powerful and extraordinarily synthesis and an incisive comment on art, the human condition and perception.
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